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#include <wx/intl.h>
#include "wxsproperty.h"

/** \brief Class which may be used to create properties with custom editor */
00008 class wxsCustomEditorProperty : public wxsProperty

        /** \brief Ctor with different names */
00013         wxsCustomEditorProperty(const wxString& PGName,const wxString& DataName,int Priority=100):
            wxsProperty(PGName,DataName,Priority) {}

        /** \brief Function opening property editor
         * This function should open editor (in modal) for this property
         * \return true  - property value has changed,
         *         false - property has not changed
        virtual bool ShowEditor(wxsPropertyContainer* Object) =0;


        /** \brief Function giving string representation of property */
00028         virtual wxString GetStr(wxsPropertyContainer* Object) { return _("Click to edit"); }

        /** \brief Function parsing string representation of property
         * After parsing, data should be stored in Object
         * \return true - parsing done, false - parsing error
00035         virtual bool ParseStr(wxsPropertyContainer* Object,wxString Value) { return false; }

        /** \brief Checkig if this property is able to parse string */
00038         virtual bool CanParseStr() { return false; }


        virtual void PGCreate(wxsPropertyContainer* Object,wxPropertyGridManager* Grid,wxPGId Parent);
        virtual bool PGRead(wxsPropertyContainer* Object,wxPropertyGridManager* Grid, wxPGId Id,long Index);
        virtual bool PGWrite(wxsPropertyContainer* Object,wxPropertyGridManager* Grid, wxPGId Id,long Index);


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