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/*    see copyright notice in squirrel.h */
#ifndef _SQVM_H_
#define _SQVM_H_

#include "sqopcodes.h"
#include "sqobject.h"
#define MAX_NATIVE_CALLS 100

#define SQ_SUSPEND_FLAG -666
//base lib
void sq_base_register(HSQUIRRELVM v);

struct SQExceptionTrap{
      SQExceptionTrap() {}
      SQExceptionTrap(SQInteger ss, SQInteger stackbase,SQInstruction *ip, SQInteger ex_target){ _stacksize = ss; _stackbase = stackbase; _ip = ip; _extarget = ex_target;}
      SQExceptionTrap(const SQExceptionTrap &et) { (*this) = et;  }
      SQInteger _stackbase;
      SQInteger _stacksize;
      SQInstruction *_ip;
      SQInteger _extarget;

#define _INLINE 

#define STK(a) _stack._vals[_stackbase+(a)]
#define TARGET _stack._vals[_stackbase+arg0]

typedef sqvector<SQExceptionTrap> ExceptionsTraps;

struct SQVM : public CHAINABLE_OBJ
      struct VarArgs {
            VarArgs() { size = 0; base = 0; }
            unsigned short size;
            unsigned short base;

      struct CallInfo{
            CallInfo() { _generator._type = OT_NULL;}
            SQInstruction *_ip;
            SQObjectPtr *_literals;
            SQObject _closure;
            SQObject _generator;
            SQInt32 _etraps;
            SQInt32 _prevstkbase;
            SQInt32 _prevtop;
            SQInt32 _target;
            SQInt32 _ncalls;
            SQBool _root;
            VarArgs _vargs;
typedef sqvector<CallInfo> CallInfoVec;
      enum ExecutionType { ET_CALL, ET_RESUME_GENERATOR, ET_RESUME_VM };
      SQVM(SQSharedState *ss);
      bool Init(SQVM *friendvm, SQInteger stacksize);
      bool Execute(SQObjectPtr &func, SQInteger target, SQInteger nargs, SQInteger stackbase, SQObjectPtr &outres, SQBool raiseerror, ExecutionType et = ET_CALL);
      //starts a native call return when the NATIVE closure returns
      bool CallNative(SQNativeClosure *nclosure, SQInteger nargs, SQInteger stackbase, bool tailcall, SQObjectPtr &retval,bool &suspend);
      //starts a SQUIRREL call in the same "Execution loop"
      bool StartCall(SQClosure *closure, SQInteger target, SQInteger nargs, SQInteger stackbase, bool tailcall);
      bool CreateClassInstance(SQClass *theclass, SQObjectPtr &inst, SQObjectPtr &constructor);
      //call a generic closure pure SQUIRREL or NATIVE
      bool Call(SQObjectPtr &closure, SQInteger nparams, SQInteger stackbase, SQObjectPtr &outres,SQBool raiseerror);
      SQRESULT Suspend();

      void CallDebugHook(SQInteger type,SQInteger forcedline=0);
      void CallErrorHandler(SQObjectPtr &e);
      bool Get(const SQObjectPtr &self, const SQObjectPtr &key, SQObjectPtr &dest, bool raw, bool fetchroot);
      bool FallBackGet(const SQObjectPtr &self,const SQObjectPtr &key,SQObjectPtr &dest,bool raw);
      bool Set(const SQObjectPtr &self, const SQObjectPtr &key, const SQObjectPtr &val, bool fetchroot);
      bool NewSlot(const SQObjectPtr &self, const SQObjectPtr &key, const SQObjectPtr &val,bool bstatic);
      bool DeleteSlot(const SQObjectPtr &self, const SQObjectPtr &key, SQObjectPtr &res);
      bool Clone(const SQObjectPtr &self, SQObjectPtr &target);
      bool ObjCmp(const SQObjectPtr &o1, const SQObjectPtr &o2,SQInteger &res);
      bool StringCat(const SQObjectPtr &str, const SQObjectPtr &obj, SQObjectPtr &dest);
      bool IsEqual(SQObjectPtr &o1,SQObjectPtr &o2,bool &res);
      void ToString(const SQObjectPtr &o,SQObjectPtr &res);
      SQString *PrintObjVal(const SQObject &o);

      void Raise_Error(const SQChar *s, ...);
      void Raise_Error(SQObjectPtr &desc);
      void Raise_IdxError(SQObject &o);
      void Raise_CompareError(const SQObject &o1, const SQObject &o2);
      void Raise_ParamTypeError(SQInteger nparam,SQInteger typemask,SQInteger type);

      void TypeOf(const SQObjectPtr &obj1, SQObjectPtr &dest);
      bool CallMetaMethod(SQDelegable *del, SQMetaMethod mm, SQInteger nparams, SQObjectPtr &outres);
      bool ArithMetaMethod(SQInteger op, const SQObjectPtr &o1, const SQObjectPtr &o2, SQObjectPtr &dest);
      bool Return(SQInteger _arg0, SQInteger _arg1, SQObjectPtr &retval);
      //new stuff
      _INLINE bool ARITH_OP(SQUnsignedInteger op,SQObjectPtr &trg,const SQObjectPtr &o1,const SQObjectPtr &o2);
      _INLINE bool BW_OP(SQUnsignedInteger op,SQObjectPtr &trg,const SQObjectPtr &o1,const SQObjectPtr &o2);
      _INLINE bool NEG_OP(SQObjectPtr &trg,const SQObjectPtr &o1);
      _INLINE bool CMP_OP(CmpOP op, const SQObjectPtr &o1,const SQObjectPtr &o2,SQObjectPtr &res);
      bool CLOSURE_OP(SQObjectPtr &target, SQFunctionProto *func);
      bool GETVARGV_OP(SQObjectPtr &target,SQObjectPtr &idx,CallInfo *ci);
      bool CLASS_OP(SQObjectPtr &target,SQInteger base,SQInteger attrs);
      bool GETPARENT_OP(SQObjectPtr &o,SQObjectPtr &target);
      //return true if the loop is finished
      bool FOREACH_OP(SQObjectPtr &o1,SQObjectPtr &o2,SQObjectPtr &o3,SQObjectPtr &o4,SQInteger arg_2,bool &finished);
      bool DELEGATE_OP(SQObjectPtr &trg,SQObjectPtr &o1,SQObjectPtr &o2);
      _INLINE bool LOCAL_INC(SQInteger op,SQObjectPtr &target, SQObjectPtr &a, SQObjectPtr &incr);
      _INLINE bool PLOCAL_INC(SQInteger op,SQObjectPtr &target, SQObjectPtr &a, SQObjectPtr &incr);
      _INLINE bool DerefInc(SQInteger op,SQObjectPtr &target, SQObjectPtr &self, SQObjectPtr &key, SQObjectPtr &incr, bool postfix);
      void PopVarArgs(VarArgs &vargs);
#ifdef _DEBUG_DUMP
      void dumpstack(SQInteger stackbase=-1, bool dumpall = false);

      void Mark(SQCollectable **chain);
      void Finalize();
      void GrowCallStack() {
            SQInteger newsize = _alloccallsstacksize*2;
            _callsstack = (CallInfo*)sq_realloc(_callsstack,_alloccallsstacksize*sizeof(CallInfo),newsize*sizeof(CallInfo));
            _alloccallsstacksize = newsize;
      void Release(){ sq_delete(this,SQVM); } //does nothing
      //stack functions for the api
      void Remove(SQInteger n);

      bool IsFalse(SQObjectPtr &o);
      void Pop();
      void Pop(SQInteger n);
      void Push(const SQObjectPtr &o);
      SQObjectPtr &Top();
      SQObjectPtr &PopGet();
      SQObjectPtr &GetUp(SQInteger n);
      SQObjectPtr &GetAt(SQInteger n);

      SQObjectPtrVec _stack;
      SQObjectPtrVec _vargsstack;
      SQInteger _top;
      SQInteger _stackbase;
      SQObjectPtr _roottable;
      SQObjectPtr _lasterror;
      SQObjectPtr _errorhandler;
      SQObjectPtr _debughook;

      SQObjectPtr temp_reg;

      CallInfo* _callsstack;
      SQInteger _callsstacksize;
      SQInteger _alloccallsstacksize;

      ExceptionsTraps _etraps;
      CallInfo *ci;
      void *_foreignptr;
      //VMs sharing the same state
      SQSharedState *_sharedstate;
      SQInteger _nnativecalls;
      //suspend infos
      SQBool _suspended;
      SQBool _suspended_root;
      SQInteger _suspended_target;
      SQInteger _suspended_traps;
      VarArgs _suspend_varargs;

struct AutoDec{
      AutoDec(SQInteger *n) { _n = n; }
      ~AutoDec() { (*_n)--; }
      SQInteger *_n;

inline SQObjectPtr &stack_get(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx){return ((idx>=0)?(v->GetAt(idx+v->_stackbase-1)):(v->GetUp(idx)));}
const SQChar *GetTypeName(const SQObjectPtr &obj1);
const SQChar *IdType2Name(SQObjectType type);

#define _ss(_vm_) (_vm_)->_sharedstate

#define _opt_ss(_vm_) (_vm_)->_sharedstate
#define _opt_ss(_vm_) NULL

#define PUSH_CALLINFO(v,nci){ \
      if(v->_callsstacksize == v->_alloccallsstacksize) { \
            v->GrowCallStack(); \
      } \
      v->ci = &v->_callsstack[v->_callsstacksize]; \
      *(v->ci) = nci; \
      v->_callsstacksize++; \

#define POP_CALLINFO(v){ \
      v->_callsstacksize--; \
      if(v->_callsstacksize)  \
            v->ci = &v->_callsstack[v->_callsstacksize-1] ; \
      else  \
            v->ci = NULL; \
#endif //_SQVM_H_

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