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 * This file is part of the Code::Blocks IDE and licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

#include <wx/string.h>

#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <set>

using namespace std;

typedef size_t nSearchTreeNode;
typedef size_t nSearchTreeLabel;

class SearchTreeNode;
class BasicSearchTree;
class SearchTreePoint;

/** SearchTreeLinkMap is the list of the edges towards other nodes. The character is the
key, and the node is the value */
typedef map<wxChar,nSearchTreeNode,less<wxChar> > SearchTreeLinkMap;

typedef vector<SearchTreeLinkMap::iterator> SearchTreeStack;

/** SearchTreeNodesArray contains all the nodes for a search tree */
typedef vector<SearchTreeNode*> SearchTreeNodesArray;

/** SearchTreePointsArray contains a list of tree points defining strings */
typedef vector<SearchTreePoint> SearchTreePointsArray;

/** SearchTreeItemsMap contains all the items belonging to an edge */
typedef map<size_t,size_t,less<size_t> > SearchTreeItemsMap;

/** SearchTreeLabelsArray contains the labels used by the nodes */
typedef vector<wxString> SearchTreeLabelsArray;

/** SearchTreeIterator lets us iterate through the nodes of a BasicSearchTree */
00042 class BasicSearchTreeIterator
        BasicSearchTreeIterator(BasicSearchTree* tree);
        virtual ~BasicSearchTreeIterator() {}
        bool IsValid();
        bool FindPrev(bool includechildren = true);
        bool FindNext(bool includechildren = true);
        const nSearchTreeNode& operator* () const { return m_CurNode; }
        const BasicSearchTreeIterator& operator++() { FindNext(); return *this; }
        const BasicSearchTreeIterator& operator--() { FindPrev(); return *this; }
        bool FindNextSibling();
        bool FindPrevSibling();
        bool FindSibling(wxChar ch);
        bool eof() { return (!IsValid() || m_eof); }
        nSearchTreeNode m_CurNode;
        bool m_eof; // Reached end of tree
        BasicSearchTree* m_pTree;
        size_t m_LastTreeSize; // For checking validity
        SearchTreeNode* m_LastAddedNode; // For checking validity
        SearchTreeStack m_Stack;
        vector<SearchTreeLinkMap*> m_Stack2;

class SearchTreePoint
        nSearchTreeNode n; /// Which node are we pointing to?
        size_t depth; /// At what depth is the string's end located?
        SearchTreePoint ():n(0),depth(0) {}
        SearchTreePoint (nSearchTreeNode nn, size_t dd) { n = nn; depth = dd; }

class SearchTreeNode
    friend class BasicSearchTree;
    friend class BasicSearchTreeIterator;
        SearchTreeNode(unsigned int depth,nSearchTreeNode parent,nSearchTreeLabel label, unsigned int labelstart, unsigned int labellen);
        virtual ~SearchTreeNode();
        nSearchTreeNode GetParent() const { return m_parent; }
        void SetParent(nSearchTreeNode newparent) { m_parent = newparent; }
        nSearchTreeNode GetChild(wxChar ch);
        size_t GetItemNo(size_t depth);
        size_t AddItemNo(size_t depth,size_t itemno);
        SearchTreeNode* GetParent(const BasicSearchTree* tree) const;
        SearchTreeNode* GetChild(BasicSearchTree* tree,wxChar ch);
        wxString GetLabel(const BasicSearchTree* tree) const;
        wxChar GetChar(const BasicSearchTree* tree) const;
        const wxString& GetActualLabel(const BasicSearchTree* tree) const;
        nSearchTreeLabel GetLabelNo() const { return m_label; }
        unsigned int GetLabelStart() const { return m_labelstart; }
        unsigned int GetLabelLen() const { return m_labellen; }
        void SetLabel(nSearchTreeLabel label, unsigned int labelstart, unsigned int labellen);
        unsigned int GetDepth() const { return m_depth; }
        void RecalcDepth(BasicSearchTree* tree); /// Updates the depth
        void UpdateItems(BasicSearchTree* tree); /// Updates items with parent
        /** Returns the depth of the start of the node's incoming label
            In other words, returns the (calculated) parent's depth */
        unsigned int GetLabelStartDepth() const;
        /// The label's depth is 0-based.
        bool IsLeaf() const { return m_Children.empty() && (m_depth != 0); }

        /** Gets the deepest position where the string matches the node's edge's label.
            0 for 0 characters in the tree matched, 1 for 1 character matched, etc.
        unsigned int GetDeepestMatchingPosition(BasicSearchTree* tree, const wxString& s,unsigned int StringStartDepth);
        wxString Serialize(BasicSearchTree* tree,nSearchTreeNode node_id,bool withchildren = false);
        void dump(BasicSearchTree* tree,nSearchTreeNode node_id,const wxString& prefix,wxString& result);

        static wxString SerializeString(const wxString& s);
        static wxString u2s(unsigned int u);
        static wxString i2s(int i);
        static bool UnSerializeString(const wxString& s,wxString& result);
        static bool s2u(const wxString& s,unsigned int& u);
        static bool s2i(const wxString& s,int& i);
        unsigned int m_depth;
        nSearchTreeNode m_parent;
        nSearchTreeLabel m_label;
        unsigned int m_labelstart, m_labellen;
        SearchTreeLinkMap m_Children;
        SearchTreeItemsMap m_Items;

class BasicSearchTree
    friend class SearchTreeNode;
    friend class BasicSearchTreeIterator;
        virtual ~BasicSearchTree();
        virtual size_t size() const { return m_Points.size(); }
        virtual size_t GetCount() const { return m_Points.size(); } /// Gets the number of items stored
        virtual void clear(); /// Clears items and tree

        /** Adds an item number to position defined by s.
            If the string already exists, returns the correspoinding item no. */
        size_t insert(const wxString& s);

        /// Tells if there is an item for string s
        bool HasItem(const wxString& s);

        /// std::map compatibility for the above
        size_t count(const wxString& s) { return HasItem(s) ? 1 : 0; }

        /// Gets the array position defined by s
        size_t GetItemNo(const wxString& s);

        /// Gets the key string for item n
        const wxString GetString(size_t n) const;

        /** Finds items that match a given string.
            if is_prefix==true, it finds items that start with the string.
            returns the number of matches.
        size_t FindMatches(const wxString& s,set<size_t> &result,bool caseSensitive,bool is_prefix);

        /// Serializes the labels into an XML-compatible string
        wxString SerializeLabels();
        /// Dumps a graphical version of the tree
        wxString dump();

        /** Creates a new node. Function is virtual so the nodes can be extended
            and customized, or to improve the memory management. */
        virtual SearchTreeNode* CreateNode(unsigned int depth,nSearchTreeNode parent,nSearchTreeLabel label, unsigned int labelstart, unsigned int labellen);

        /** Gets the string corresponding to the tree point 'nn'.
            If 'top' is specified, it gets the string that goes from node 'top' to point 'nn'. */
        wxString GetString(const SearchTreePoint &nn,nSearchTreeNode top = 0) const;

        /** Obtains the node with number n,NULL if n is invalid.
            If NullOnZero == true, returns NULL if n is 0. */
        SearchTreeNode* GetNode(nSearchTreeNode n,bool NullOnZero = false);
        /// Finds the node that starts from node 'parent', and has the suffix s.
        bool FindNode(const wxString& s, nSearchTreeNode nparent, SearchTreePoint* result);
        /// Adds Suffix s starting from node nparent.
        SearchTreePoint AddNode(const wxString& s, nSearchTreeNode nparent = 0);

        /// Serializes given label into an XML-escaped string.
        wxString SerializeLabel(nSearchTreeLabel labelno);

        /// Labels used by the nodes' edges
        SearchTreeLabelsArray m_Labels;
        /// Nodes and their edges
        SearchTreeNodesArray m_pNodes;

        /// Points defining the items' strings
        SearchTreePointsArray m_Points;

        /// Creates the tree's root node.
        void CreateRootNode();

        /** Splits the Branch that leads to node n, at the given depth.
            Used by AddNode.
            @return the newly created node
            if the given position is exactly the length of n's vertex,
            just return n.
        nSearchTreeNode SplitBranch(nSearchTreeNode n,size_t depth);

template <class T>
class SearchTree: public BasicSearchTree
        virtual ~SearchTree();
        virtual void clear(); /// Clears the tree
        size_t GetCount() const; /// Gets the number of items stored
        virtual size_t size() const; /// Same as GetCount
        bool SaveCacheTo(const wxString& filename); /// Stores the Tree and items into a file
        bool LoadCacheFrom(const wxString& filename); /// Loads the Tree and items from a file
        wxString Serialize();
        T GetItem(const wxString& s); /// Gets the item at position defined by s
        T GetItem(const wxChar* s);
        size_t AddItem(const wxString& s,T item,bool replaceexisting = false); /// Adds an item to position defined by s
        T& GetItemAtPos(size_t i); /// Gets the item found at position i
        void SetItemAtPos(size_t i,T item); /// Replaces the item found at position i

        /** Gets the item found at position s. Inserts new empty one if not found. */
        T& operator[](const wxString& s);
        /// Serializes the stored items
        virtual wxString SerializeItem(size_t idx) { return wxString(_T("")); }
        /// Unserializes the items to be stored
        virtual void* UnserializeItem(const wxString& s) { return NULL; }
        vector<T> m_Items;   /// The actual stored items

        /// Releases the stored items from memory. Called by Clear();
        virtual void ClearItems();

        /// Adds a null item to position 0.
        virtual bool AddFirstNullItem();


template <class T>

template <class T>

template <class T>
void SearchTree<T>::clear()

template <class T>
size_t SearchTree<T>::GetCount() const
    size_t result = m_Items.size() -1;
    return result;

template <class T>
size_t SearchTree<T>::size() const
    size_t result = m_Items.size() -1;
    return result;

template <class T>
bool SearchTree<T>::SaveCacheTo(const wxString& filename)
    return true;

template <class T>
bool SearchTree<T>::LoadCacheFrom(const wxString& filename)
    return true;

template <class T>
T SearchTree<T>::GetItem(const wxChar* s)
    wxString tmps(s);
    return GetItem(tmps);

template <class T>
T SearchTree<T>::GetItem(const wxString& s)
    size_t itemno = GetItemNo(s);
    if(!itemno && !s.empty())
        return T();
    return GetItemAtPos(itemno);

template <class T>
size_t SearchTree<T>::AddItem(const wxString& s,T item,bool replaceexisting)
    size_t itemno = insert(s);
    if(itemno > m_Items.size())
    else if(itemno == m_Items.size())
    else if(replaceexisting)
        m_Items[itemno] = item;
    return itemno;

template <class T>
T& SearchTree<T>::GetItemAtPos(size_t i)
    if(i>=m_Items.size() || i < 1)
        i = 0;
    return m_Items[i];

template <class T>
void SearchTree<T>::SetItemAtPos(size_t i,T item)

template <class T>
void SearchTree<T>::ClearItems()
/// Called by BasicSearchTree::BasicSearchTree() and BasicSearchTree::Clear()

template <class T>
bool SearchTree<T>::AddFirstNullItem()
    T newvalue;
    return true;

template <class T>
T& SearchTree<T>::operator[](const wxString& s)
    size_t curpos = GetItemNo(s);
        T newitem;
        curpos = AddItem(s,newitem);
    return m_Items[curpos];

template <class T>
wxString SearchTree<T>::Serialize()
    wxString result;
    size_t i;
    result << _T("<SearchTree>\n");
    result << SerializeLabels();
    result << _T("<nodes>\n");
        result << m_pNodes[i]->Serialize(this,i,false);
    result << _T("</nodes>\n");
    result << _T(" <items>\n");
    for(i=1;i < m_Items.size();i++)
        result << SerializeItem(i);

    result << _T(" </items>\n");
    result << _T("</SearchTree>\n");
    return result;


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