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ProjectLoaderHooks::HookFunctorBase * ProjectLoaderHooks::UnregisterHook ( int  id,
bool  deleteHook = true 

Unregister a previously registered project loading/saving hook.

id The hook's ID. You should have the ID from when RegisterHook() was called.
deleteHook If true, the hook will be deleted (default). If not, it's up to you to delete it.
The functor. If deleteHook was true, it always returns NULL.

Definition at line 30 of file projectloader_hooks.cpp.

Referenced by wxSmith::OnRelease().

    HookFunctorsMap::iterator it = s_HookFunctorsMap.find(id);
    if (it != s_HookFunctorsMap.end())
        ProjectLoaderHooks::HookFunctorBase* functor = it->second;
        if (deleteHook)
            delete functor;
            return 0;
        return functor;
    return 0;

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