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void ProjectLoaderHooks::CallHooks ( cbProject project,
TiXmlElement elem,
bool  isLoading 

Call all registered hooks using the supplied parameters. This is called by ProjectLoader.

project The project in question.
elem The XML element under which the called hook can read/write.
isLoading True if the project is being loaded, false if being saved.

Definition at line 52 of file projectloader_hooks.cpp.

References ProjectLoaderHooks::HookFunctorBase::Call().

Referenced by ProjectLoader::ExportTargetAsProject(), and ProjectLoader::Open().

    for (HookFunctorsMap::iterator it = s_HookFunctorsMap.begin(); it != s_HookFunctorsMap.end(); ++it)
        ProjectLoaderHooks::HookFunctorBase* functor = it->second;
        if (functor)
            functor->Call(project, elem, isLoading);

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