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wxsCoder Class Reference

#include <wxscoder.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Class putting new code into proper files.

Current implementation does not shedule coded upgrades which may cause bad results in performance.

Definition at line 35 of file wxscoder.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddCode (const wxString &FileName, const wxString &Header, const wxString &End, const wxString &Code, bool Immediately=true, bool CodeHasHeader=false, bool CodeHasEnd=false)
 Function notifying about change of block of code in file.
void Flush (int Delay)
 Applying all pending code changes.
wxString GetCode (const wxString &FileName, const wxString &Header, const wxString &End, bool IncludeHeader=false, bool IncludeEnd=false)
 Function reading block of code from given source file.
wxString GetFullCode (const wxString &FileName, wxFontEncoding &Encoding, bool &UseBOM)
 Getting full file code.
void PutFullCode (const wxString &FileName, const wxString &Code, wxFontEncoding Encoding, bool UseBOM)
 Writing code for whole file.

Static Public Member Functions

static wxsCoderGet ()
 Function getting singleton object from system.

Private Member Functions

bool ApplyChangesEditor (cbEditor *Editor, const wxString &Header, const wxString &End, wxString &Code, bool CodeHasHeader, bool CodeHasEnd, wxString &EOL)
 Function applying hanges to currently opened editor.
bool ApplyChangesString (wxString &Content, const wxString &Header, const wxString &Env, wxString &Code, bool CodeHasHeader, bool CodeHasEnd, bool &HasChanged, wxString &EOL)
 Applying changes to string (file's content).
wxString CutSpaces (wxString Code, int Count)
 Cutting off given number of spaces at every new line.
void FlushAll ()
 Flushing all files.
void FlushFile (const wxString &FileName)
 Flushing all changes for given file.
void FlushTimerEvent (wxTimerEvent &event)
 Flush timer procedure.
wxString RebuildCode (wxString &BaseIndentation, const wchar_t *Code, int CodeLen, wxString &EOL)
 Rebuilding code to support current editor settings.
 WX_DEFINE_ARRAY (CodeChange *, CodeChangeArray)

Static Private Member Functions

static wxString NormalizeFileName (const wxString &FileName)
 Normalizing given file name.

Private Attributes

CodeChangeArray CodeChanges
 Temporary storage place where changes are stored.
wxArrayString CodeChangesFiles
 File names which are changed.
wxMutex DataMutex
 Mutex for this object - added in case of multi-threading shedules.
wxTimer FlushTimer
 Timer used for delayed flushes.

Static Private Attributes

static wxsCoderSingleton = &SingletonObject
 Singleton object.


struct  CodeChange
 Structure which contains one data change. More...

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