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ResultMap Class Reference

#include <resultmap.h>

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Detailed Description

Map of known results.

This map does keep the mapping between global var names and lists of library results found for that name. It's purpose is also to manage ResultArray structure which does keep only pointers to LibraryResult elements - all elements are deleted in the descructor preventing memory leaks

Definition at line 45 of file resultmap.h.

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
 Clearing all results.
void GetAllResults (ResultArray &Array)
 Getting all results.
ResultArray & GetShortCode (const wxString &Name)
 Getting array associated with specified variable name.
void GetShortCodes (wxArrayString &Names)
 Getting array of used variable names.
bool IsShortCode (const wxString &Name)
 Checking if given global variable does exist.

Private Member Functions

 WX_DECLARE_STRING_HASH_MAP (ResultArray, ResultHashMap)

Private Attributes

ResultHashMap Map

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