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 * Name:      ThreadSearchLoggerList
 * Purpose:   ThreadSearchLoggerList implements the
 *            ThreadSearchLoggerBase with a wxListCtrl.
 * Author:    Jerome ANTOINE
 * Created:   2007-07-28
 * Copyright: Jerome ANTOINE
 * License:   GPL


#include <wx/event.h>

#include "ThreadSearchLoggerBase.h"

class wxPanel;
class wxWindow;
class wxListEvent;
class wxListCtrl;
class wxString;

class ThreadSearch;
class ThreadSearchView;
class ThreadSearchEvent;

class ThreadSearchLoggerList : public wxEvtHandler, public ThreadSearchLoggerBase
      /** Constructor. */
      ThreadSearchLoggerList(ThreadSearchView& threadSearchView, ThreadSearch& threadSearchPlugin,
                                          InsertIndexManager::eFileSorting fileSorting, wxPanel* pParent, long id);

      /** Destructor. */
      virtual ~ThreadSearchLoggerList();

      /** Getter */
      virtual eLoggerTypes GetLoggerType() {return TypeList;}

      /** Called by ThreadSearchView when new settings are applied. */
      virtual void Update();

      /** Called by ThreadSearchView to process a ThreadSearchEvent
        * sent by worker thread.
      virtual void OnThreadSearchEvent(const ThreadSearchEvent& event);

      /** Removes all items from logger. */
      virtual void Clear();

      /** Returns the logger window. */
      virtual wxWindow* GetWindow();

      /** Sets focus on list window. */
      virtual void SetFocus();

      /** Single click event handler */
      void OnLoggerListClick(wxListEvent& event);

      /** Double click event handler */
      void OnLoggerListDoubleClick(wxListEvent& event);

      /** SetListColumns
        * The SimpleListLog constructor does not set the provided columns on Linux.
        * It is necessary to set columns after the ThreadSearchLoggerList constructor.
      void SetListColumns();

      /** GetFileLineFromListEvent
        * Return the file path at index from the list control using dir and file columns.
        * @param event    : list control event
        * @param filepath : reference that will receive the path
        * @param line     : reference that will receive the line index
        * @return true if successful.
      bool GetFileLineFromListEvent(wxListEvent& event, wxString& filepath, long &line);

      /** Dynamic events connection. */
      virtual void ConnectEvents(wxEvtHandler* pEvtHandler);

      /** Dynamic events disconnection. */
      virtual void DisconnectEvents(wxEvtHandler* pEvtHandler);

      wxListCtrl* m_pListLog;


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