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 * This file is part of the Code::Blocks IDE and licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html


#include <queue>
#include <map>

#include <wx/event.h>
#include <wx/hashmap.h> // TODO: replace with std::map
#include "parser/parser.h"

#define DEBUG_CC_AI
extern bool s_DebugSmartSense;

// forward decls
class cbEditor;
class EditorBase;
class cbProject;
class ClassBrowser;
//class Parser;
class Token;

WX_DECLARE_HASH_MAP(cbProject*, Parser*, wxPointerHash, wxPointerEqual, ParsersMap);
WX_DECLARE_HASH_MAP(cbProject*, wxString, wxPointerHash, wxPointerEqual, ParsersFilenameMap);

typedef std::map<cbProject*, wxArrayString> ProjectSearchDirsMap;

enum ParserTokenType
      pttSearchText = 0,

enum BrowserViewMode
      bvmRaw = 0,

struct ParserComponent
    wxString component;
    ParserTokenType token_type;

class NativeParser : public wxEvtHandler

            void AddParser(cbProject* project, bool useCache = true);
            void RemoveParser(cbProject* project, bool useCache = true);
            void ClearParsers();
            void RereadParserOptions();
            void AddFileToParser(cbProject* project, const wxString& filename);
            void RemoveFileFromParser(cbProject* project, const wxString& filename);
            void ForceReparseActiveProject();

            size_t MarkItemsByAI(TokenIdxSet& result, bool reallyUseAI = true, bool noPartialMatch = false, bool caseSensitive = false, int caretPos = -1);

            const wxString& GetCodeCompletionItems();
            const wxArrayString& GetCallTips(int chars_per_line);
            int GetCallTipCommas(){ return m_CallTipCommas; }
        int CountCommas(const wxString& calltip, int start);
            void GetCallTipHighlight(const wxString& calltip, int* start, int* end);

            int GetEditorStartWord() const { return m_EditorStartWord; }
            int GetEditorEndWord() const { return m_EditorEndWord; }

            Parser* FindParserFromActiveEditor();
            Parser* FindParserFromEditor(EditorBase* editor);
            Parser* FindParserFromActiveProject();
            Parser* FindParserFromProject(cbProject* project);

            wxArrayString& GetProjectSearchDirs(cbProject* project);

        // returns the editor's position where the current function starts
        // optionally, returns the function's namespace (ends in double-colon ::) and name
            int FindCurrentFunctionStart(cbEditor* editor, wxString* nameSpace = 0L, wxString* procName = 0L, int caretPos = -1);
            // fills the result argument with all the tokens matching the current function (hopefully, just one)
            size_t FindCurrentFunctionToken(cbEditor* editor, TokenIdxSet& result, int caretPos = -1);

        ClassBrowser* GetClassBrowser() const { return m_pClassBrowser; }
            void CreateClassBrowser();
            void RemoveClassBrowser(bool appShutDown = false);
            void UpdateClassBrowser();
            void SetClassBrowserProject(cbProject* project);
            void SetCBViewMode(const BrowserViewMode& mode);

        void OnProjectLoadingHook(cbProject* project, TiXmlElement* elem, bool loading);
        friend class CodeCompletion;
            size_t AI(TokenIdxSet& result, cbEditor* editor, Parser* parser, const wxString& lineText = wxEmptyString, bool noPartialMatch = false, bool caseSensitive = false, TokenIdxSet* search_scope = 0, int caretPos = -1);

            size_t FindAIMatches(Parser* parser, std::queue<ParserComponent> components, TokenIdxSet& result, int parentTokenIdx = -1, bool noPartialMatch = false, bool caseSensitive = false, bool use_inheritance = true, short int kindMask = 0xFFFF, TokenIdxSet* search_scope = 0);
        size_t BreakUpComponents(Parser* parser, const wxString& actual, std::queue<ParserComponent>& components);
        bool BelongsToParentOrItsAncestors(TokensTree* tree, Token* token, int parentIdx, bool use_inheritance = true);
        size_t GenerateResultSet(TokensTree* tree, const wxString& search, int parentIdx, TokenIdxSet& result, bool caseSens = true, bool isPrefix = false, short int kindMask = 0xFFFF);

        bool LastAISearchWasGlobal() const { return m_LastAISearchWasGlobal; }
        const wxString& LastAIGlobalSearch() const { return m_LastAIGlobalSearch; }

            bool ParseUsingNamespace(cbEditor* ed, TokenIdxSet& search_scope, int caretPos = -1);
            bool ParseFunctionArguments(cbEditor* ed, int caretPos = -1);
            bool ParseLocalBlock(cbEditor* ed, int caretPos = -1); // parses from the start of function up to the cursor

            unsigned int FindCCTokenStart(const wxString& line);
            wxString GetNextCCToken(const wxString& line, unsigned int& startAt, bool& is_function);
            wxString GetCCToken(wxString& line, ParserTokenType& tokenType);
            void BreakUpInLines(wxString& str, const wxString& original_str, int chars_per_line = -1);
            void AddCompilerDirs(Parser* parser, cbProject* project);
            wxArrayString GetGCCCompilerDirs(const wxString &cpp_compiler, const wxString &base);
            bool LoadCachedData(Parser* parser, cbProject* project);
            bool SaveCachedData(Parser* parser, const wxString& projectFilename);
            void DisplayStatus(Parser* parser);
            void OnThreadStart(wxCommandEvent& event);
            void OnThreadEnd(wxCommandEvent& event);
            void OnParserEnd(wxCommandEvent& event);
            void OnEditorActivated(EditorBase* editor);

            bool SkipWhitespaceForward(cbEditor* editor, int& pos);
            bool SkipWhitespaceBackward(cbEditor* editor, int& pos);

        Parser m_Parser;
            int m_EditorStartWord;
            int m_EditorEndWord;
            wxString m_CCItems;
            wxArrayString m_CallTips;
            int m_CallTipCommas;
      ClassBrowser* m_pClassBrowser;
      bool m_GettingCalltips; // flag while getting calltips
      bool m_ClassBrowserIsFloating;

      bool m_LastAISearchWasGlobal; // true if the phrase for code-completion is empty or partial text (i.e. no . -> or :: operators)
      wxString m_LastAIGlobalSearch; // same case like above, it holds the search string

        ProjectSearchDirsMap m_ProjectSearchDirsMap;
        int m_HookId; // project loader hook ID



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