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 * This file is part of the Code::Blocks IDE and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html

#ifndef COMPILER_H
#define COMPILER_H

#include <vector>
#include <map>

#include <wx/string.h>
#include <wx/filename.h>
#include <wx/dynarray.h>
#include "compileoptionsbase.h"
#include "compileroptions.h"

class CompilerCommandGenerator;
class cbProject;
class ProjectBuildTarget;
class ProjectFile;

    Macros used in command specs:

    Compiler executable: $compiler
    Resource compiler executable: $rescomp
    Linker executable: $linker
    Linker executable for static libs: $lib_linker
    Compiler options: $options
    Linker options: $link_options
    Include dirs: $includes
    Rsource include dirs: $res_includes
    Library dirs: $libdirs
    Link libraries: $libs
    Source file: $file
    Object file: $object
    Dependency result: $dep_object
    All *linkable* object files: $link_objects
    All *linkable* flat object files: $link_flat_objects
    Exe output file: $exe_output
    Static lib output file: $static_output
    Dynamic lib output file: $dynamic_output
    Dynamic lib DEF output file: $def_output
    Resources output file: $resource_output
    Objects output dir: $output_dir_objects

    Usual special chars apply: \t, \n, etc.
    The command output should be ready for inclusion
    in a Makefile (properly tab aligned but *no* tabs at the start of the string)
    The macro substitution happens in compiler's MakefileGenerator.

/// Enum categorizing compiler's output line as warning/error/info/normal
enum CompilerLineType
    cltNormal = 0,

// regexes array declaration
struct RegExStruct
        : desc(_("Unknown")), lt(cltError), regex(_T("")), filename(0), line(0)
        memset(msg, 0, sizeof(msg));
    RegExStruct(const RegExStruct& rhs)
        : desc(rhs.desc), lt(rhs.lt), regex(rhs.regex), filename(rhs.filename), line(rhs.line)
        memcpy(msg, rhs.msg, sizeof(msg));
    RegExStruct(const wxString& _desc,
                CompilerLineType _lt,
                const wxString& _regex,
                int _msg,
                int _filename = 0,
                int _line = 0,
                int _msg2 = 0,
                int _msg3 = 0)
        : desc(_desc), lt(_lt), regex(_regex), filename(_filename), line(_line)
        msg[0] = _msg;
        msg[1] = _msg2;
        msg[2] = _msg3;
    bool operator!=(const RegExStruct& other)
        return !(*this == other);
    bool operator==(const RegExStruct& other)
        return desc == other.desc &&
                lt == other.lt &&
                regex == other.regex &&
                msg[0] == other.msg[0] &&
                msg[1] == other.msg[1] &&
                msg[2] == other.msg[2] &&
                filename == other.filename &&
                line == other.line;
    wxString desc; // title of this regex
    CompilerLineType lt; // classify the line, if regex matches
    wxString regex; // the regex to match
    int msg[3]; // up-to 3 sub-expression nr for warning/error message
    int filename; // sub-expression nr for filename
    int line; // sub-expression nr for line number
    // if more than one sub-expressions are entered for msg,
    // they are appended to each other, with one space in between.
    // Appending takes place in the same order...

/// Helper enum to retrieve compiler commands
enum CommandType
    ctCompileObjectCmd = 0, ///< Compile object command, e.g. "$compiler $options $includes -c $file -o $object"
    ctGenDependenciesCmd,   ///< Generate dependencies command
    ctCompileResourceCmd,   ///< Compile Win32 resources command, e.g. "$rescomp -i $file -J rc -o $resource_output -O coff $includes"
    ctLinkExeCmd,           ///< Link executable command, e.g. "$linker $libdirs -o $exe_output $link_objects $libs -mwindows"
    ctLinkConsoleExeCmd,    ///< Link console executable command, e.g. "$linker $libdirs -o $exe_output $link_objects $libs"
    ctLinkDynamicCmd,       ///< Link dynamic (dll) lib command, e.g. "$linker -shared -Wl,--output-def=$def_output -Wl,--out-implib=$static_output -Wl,--dll $libdirs $link_objects $libs -o $dynamic_output"
    ctLinkStaticCmd,        ///< Link static lib command, e.g. "ar -r $output $link_objects\n\tranlib $static_output"
    ctLinkNativeCmd,        ///< Link native binary command
    ctCount,                        ///< Do NOT use

/// Helper enum for type of compiler logging
enum CompilerLoggingType

enum AutoDetectResult

/// Struct to keep programs
00149 struct CompilerPrograms
    wxString C; // C compiler
    wxString CPP; // C++ compiler
    wxString LD; // dynamic libs linker
    wxString LIB; // static libs linker
    wxString WINDRES; // resource compiler
    wxString MAKE; // make
    wxString DBG; // debugger

/// Struct to keep switches
00161 struct CompilerSwitches
    wxString includeDirs;   // -I
    wxString libDirs;       // -L
    wxString linkLibs;      // -l
    wxString defines;       // -D
    wxString genericSwitch; // -
    wxString objectExtension; // o
    bool forceFwdSlashes; // force use forward slashes in file/path names (used by CompilerCommandGenerator)
    bool forceLinkerUseQuotes; // use quotes for filenames in linker command line (needed or not)?
    bool forceCompilerUseQuotes; // use quotes for filenames in compiler command line (needed or not)?
    bool needDependencies; // true
    CompilerLoggingType logging; // clogFull
    wxString libPrefix; // lib
    wxString libExtension; // a
    bool linkerNeedsLibPrefix; // when adding a link library, linker needs prefix?
    bool linkerNeedsLibExtension; // when adding a link library, linker needs extension?
    bool supportsPCH; // supports precompiled headers?
    wxString PCHExtension; // precompiled headers extension
    bool UseFlatObjects; // Use Flat object file names (no extra subdirs)?
    bool UseFullSourcePaths; // This is mainly a workaround for the GDB debugger, apparantly I doesn't deal
            // well with relative paths, therefor for GCC it is better to specify the source full to the compiler in
            // a full path notation, for all other compilers it is suggested to keep this switch at false
    CompilerSwitches();     // constructor initializing the members, specific compilers should overrule if needed

/// Struct for compiler/linker commands
00188 struct CompilerTool
      // extensions string will be converted to array by GetArrayFromString using DEFAULT_ARRAY_SEP (;)
      // as separator
      CompilerTool(const wxString& command = wxEmptyString, const wxString& extensions = wxEmptyString)
            : command(command), extensions(GetArrayFromString(extensions))
      CompilerTool(const CompilerTool& rhs)
            : command(rhs.command), extensions(rhs.extensions), generatedFiles(rhs.generatedFiles)
      bool operator==(const CompilerTool& rhs) const { return command == rhs.command && extensions == rhs.extensions && generatedFiles == rhs.generatedFiles; }
      bool operator!=(const CompilerTool& rhs) const { return !(*this == rhs); }
00201       wxString command; ///< command to execute
00202       wxArrayString extensions; ///< file extensions for which the command will be invoked (no leading dot)
00203       wxArrayString generatedFiles; ///< the native language files this command generates that should be further compiled

typedef std::vector<CompilerTool> CompilerToolsVector;

  * @brief Abstract base class for compilers.
  * Create a derived class and add it in compilerfactory.cpp
00213 class DLLIMPORT Compiler : public CompileOptionsBase
        static const wxString FilePathWithSpaces;
        Compiler(const wxString& name, const wxString& ID, const wxString& parentID = wxEmptyString);
        virtual ~Compiler();

        /** @brief Check if the compiler is actually valid (installed). */
        virtual bool IsValid();

        /** @brief Check if the supplied string is a compiler warning/error */
        virtual CompilerLineType CheckForWarningsAndErrors(const wxString& line);
        /** @brief Returns warning/error filename. Use it after a call to CheckForWarningsAndErrors() */
00226         virtual wxString GetLastErrorFilename(){ return m_ErrorFilename; }
        /** @brief Returns warning/error line number (as a string). Use it after a call to CheckForWarningsAndErrors() */
00228         virtual wxString GetLastErrorLine(){ return m_ErrorLine; }
        /** @brief Returns warning/error actual string. Use it after a call to CheckForWarningsAndErrors() */
00230         virtual wxString GetLastError(){ return m_Error; }
        /** @brief Get the compiler's name */
00232         virtual const wxString& GetName() const { return m_Name; }
        /** @brief Get the compiler's master path (must contain "bin", "include" and "lib") */
00234         virtual const wxString& GetMasterPath() const { return m_MasterPath; }
        /** @brief Get the compiler's extra paths */
00236         virtual const wxArrayString& GetExtraPaths() const { return m_ExtraPaths; }
        /** @brief Get the compiler's programs */
00238         virtual const CompilerPrograms& GetPrograms() const { return m_Programs; }
        /** @brief Get the compiler's generic switches */
00240         virtual const CompilerSwitches& GetSwitches() const { return m_Switches; }
        /** @brief Get the compiler's options */
00242         virtual const CompilerOptions& GetOptions() const { return m_Options; }
        /** @brief Get a command based on CommandType
          * @param ct The command type to process
          * @param fileExtension the file's extension (no leading dot)
        virtual const wxString& GetCommand(CommandType ct, const wxString& fileExtension = wxEmptyString) const;
        /** @brief Get a compiler tool based on CommandType */
        virtual const CompilerTool& GetCompilerTool(CommandType ct, const wxString& fileExtension = wxEmptyString) const;
        /** @brief Get a command tool vector based on CommandType (used by advanced compiler dialog) */
00251         virtual CompilerToolsVector& GetCommandToolsVector(CommandType ct) { return m_Commands[ct]; }
        /** @brief Get the array of regexes used in errors/warnings recognition */
00253         virtual const RegExArray& GetRegExArray(){ return m_RegExes; }
        /** @brief Load the default (preset) array of regexes used in errors/warnings recognition */
        virtual void LoadDefaultRegExArray() = 0;

        /** @brief Set the compiler's name */
00258         virtual void SetName(const wxString& name){ m_Name = name; }
        /** @brief Set the compiler's master path (must contain "bin", "include" and "lib") */
00260         virtual void SetMasterPath(const wxString& path){ m_MasterPath = path; m_NeedValidityCheck = true; }
        /** @brief Set the compiler's extra paths */
00262         virtual void SetExtraPaths(const wxArrayString& paths){ m_ExtraPaths = paths; m_NeedValidityCheck = true; }
        /** @brief Set the compiler's programs */
00264         virtual void SetPrograms(const CompilerPrograms& programs){ m_Programs = programs; m_NeedValidityCheck = true; }
        /** @brief Set the compiler's generic switches */
00266         virtual void SetSwitches(const CompilerSwitches& switches){ m_Switches = switches; }
        /** @brief Set the compiler's options */
00268         virtual void SetOptions(const CompilerOptions& options){ m_Options = options; }
        /** @brief Set the array of regexes used in errors/warnings recognition */
00270         virtual void SetRegExArray(const RegExArray& regexes){ m_RegExes = regexes; }

        /** Initialize for use with the specified @c project.
          * Transfers the call to the generator returned by GetCommandGenerator()*/
        virtual void Init(cbProject* project);

        /** Get the command line to compile/link the specific file.
          * Transfers the call to the generator returned by GetCommandGenerator()*/
        virtual void GenerateCommandLine(wxString& macro,
                                        ProjectBuildTarget* target,
                                        ProjectFile* pf,
                                        const wxString& file,
                                        const wxString& object,
                                        const wxString& FlatObject,
                                        const wxString& deps);

        /** @brief Get the full include dirs used in the actuall command line.
          * These are the actual include dirs that will be used for building
          * and might be different than target->GetIncludeDirs(). This is
          * because it's the sum of target include dirs + project include dirs +
          * build-script include dirs.
          * @note This is only valid after Init() has been called.
        virtual const wxArrayString& GetCompilerSearchDirs(ProjectBuildTarget* target);

        /** @brief Get the full linker dirs used in the actual command line.
          * These are the actual linker dirs that will be used for building
          * and might be different than target->GetLibDirs(). This is
          * because it's the sum of target linker dirs + project linker dirs +
          * build-script linker dirs.
          * @note This is only valid after Init() has been called.
        virtual const wxArrayString& GetLinkerSearchDirs(ProjectBuildTarget* target);

        /** @brief Save settings */
        virtual void SaveSettings(const wxString& baseKey);
        /** @brief Load settings */
        virtual void LoadSettings(const wxString& baseKey);
        /** @brief Reset settings to defaults.
          * Put initialization code here and call this from the default constructor.
        virtual void Reset() = 0;
        /** @brief Try to auto-detect the compiler's installation directory */
        virtual AutoDetectResult AutoDetectInstallationDir() = 0;

        /** @brief Get this compiler's unique ID */
00318         const wxString& GetID() const { return m_ID; }
        /** @brief Get this compiler's parent's unique ID */
00320         const wxString& GetParentID() const { return m_ParentID; }

        /** @brief Get the command type descriptions (used in advanced compiler options) */
00323         static wxString CommandTypeDescriptions[ctCount];

        /** @brief Set the compiler version string. Please override this virtual function
          * with your own compiler-version detection code if you want to use this.
          * By default this function does nothing. */
00329         virtual void SetVersionString() { return; };

        /** @brief Get the compiler version string */
00332         const wxString GetVersionString() const { return m_VersionString; };
        friend class CompilerFactory;
        Compiler(const Compiler& other); // copy ctor to copy everything but update m_ID

        /** This is to be overriden, if compiler needs to alter the default
          * command line generation.
        virtual CompilerCommandGenerator* GetCommandGenerator();

        /** @brief Implement this in new compilers, to return a new copy */
        virtual Compiler* CreateCopy() = 0;

        // purposely non-virtual
        bool IsUniqueID(const wxString& ID){ return m_CompilerIDs.Index(ID) == wxNOT_FOUND; }
        // converts, if needed, m_ID to something that is valid
        void MakeValidID();

        // keeps a copy of current settings (works only the first time it's called)
        void MirrorCurrentSettings();

        // set the following members in your class
        wxString m_Name;
        wxString m_MasterPath;
        wxArrayString m_ExtraPaths;
        CompilerToolsVector m_Commands[ctCount];
        CompilerPrograms m_Programs;
        CompilerSwitches m_Switches;
        CompilerOptions m_Options;
        RegExArray m_RegExes;
        wxString m_ErrorFilename;
        wxString m_ErrorLine;
        wxString m_Error;
        wxString m_VersionString;
        wxString m_ID;
        wxString m_ParentID; // -1 for builtin compilers, the builtin compiler's ID to derive from for user compilers...
        static wxArrayString m_CompilerIDs; // map to guarantee unique IDs
        CompilerCommandGenerator* m_pGenerator;
        bool m_Valid; // 'valid' flag
        bool m_NeedValidityCheck; // flag to re-check validity (raised when changing compiler paths)

        // "mirror" default settings for comparing when saving (to save only those that differ from defaults)
        struct MirrorSettings
            wxString Name;
            wxString MasterPath;
            wxArrayString ExtraPaths;
            CompilerPrograms Programs;

            // these are the CompileOptionsBase settings that each compiler keeps on a global level
            wxArrayString CompilerOptions_;
            wxArrayString LinkerOptions;
            wxArrayString IncludeDirs;
            wxArrayString ResIncludeDirs;
            wxArrayString LibDirs;
            wxArrayString LinkLibs;
            wxArrayString CmdsBefore;
            wxArrayString CmdsAfter;

            // below are the settings that the user is asked to revert to defaults (if defaults have changed)
            CompilerToolsVector Commands[ctCount];
            CompilerSwitches Switches;
            CompilerOptions Options;
            RegExArray RegExes;
        MirrorSettings m_Mirror;
        bool m_Mirrored; // flag to only mirror the settings once

#endif // COMPILER_H

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