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wxPdfTemplate Class Reference

#include <pdftemplate.h>

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Detailed Description

Class representing a template (For internal use only).

Definition at line 23 of file pdftemplate.h.

Public Member Functions

double GetHeight ()
 Get height of template.
int GetIndex ()
 Get index of the template.
int GetObjIndex ()
 Get object index.
wxPdfParserGetParser ()
 Get the associated parser.
wxPdfObjectGetResources ()
 Get the array of page resource objects.
double GetWidth ()
 Get width of template.
double GetX ()
 Get X position of template.
double GetY ()
 Get Y position of template.
void SetObjIndex (int n)
 Set object index.
void SetParser (wxPdfParser *parser)
 Set the associated parser.
void SetResources (wxPdfObject *resources)
 Set the array of page resource objects.
 wxPdfTemplate (int templateId)
virtual ~wxPdfTemplate ()

Private Attributes

bool m_autoPageBreakSave
 State of auto page break.
double m_bMarginSave
 Saved bottom margin.
wxMemoryOutputStream m_buffer
 Buffer holding in-memory PDF.
wxPdfFontHashMap * m_fonts
 array of used fonts
double m_h
 Height of template.
double m_hSave
 Saved height.
wxPdfImageHashMap * m_images
 array of used images
double m_lMarginSave
 Saved left margin.
int m_n
 Object number of template.
 Associated parser.
 Array of page resource objects.
double m_rMarginSave
 Saved right margin.
int m_templateId
 Index of template.
wxPdfTemplatesMap * m_templates
 array of templates
double m_tMarginSave
 Saved top margin.
bool m_used
 Flag whether the template has been used.
double m_w
 Width of template.
double m_wSave
 Saved width.
double m_x
 X position of template.
double m_xSave
 Saved X position.
double m_y
 Y position of template.
double m_ySave
 Saved Y position.


class wxPdfDocument

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