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wxPdfString Class Reference

#include <pdfobjects.h>

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Detailed Description

Class representing a normal string object. (For internal use only).

Definition at line 127 of file pdfobjects.h.

Public Member Functions

int GetGeneration ()
 Get generation number.
int GetNumber ()
 Get object number.
int GetType ()
 Get the type of the object.
wxString GetValue ()
 Get value of the string.
bool IsHexString () const
 Check whether string is hexadecimal.
bool IsIndirect ()
 Check whether this object was created through a indirect reference.
void SetIndirect (bool indirect)
 Flag this object as created through a indirect reference.
void SetIsHexString (bool isHexString)
 Set hexadecimal string flag.
void SetObjNum (int objNum, int objGen=0)
 Set object and generation number.
 wxPdfString (const wxString &value)
virtual ~wxPdfString ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_indirect
 Flag whether created through indirect reference.
int m_objGen
 Object generation.
int m_objNum
 Object number.
int m_type
 Object type.

Private Attributes

bool m_isHexString
 Flag whether string is a hexadecimal string.
wxString m_value
 Value of the string.

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