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 * Name:      ThreadSearchThread
 * Purpose:   This class implements the search worker thread.
 *            It sends events to the view when one or more
 *            search pattern is (are) found in a file; one
 *            event/file.
 *            It derives from wxDirTraverser to test thread
 *            cancel when searching in directory.
 *            One event/file is sent.
 * Author:    Jerome ANTOINE
 * Created:   2007-10-08
 * Copyright: Jerome ANTOINE
 * License:   GPL


#include <wx/thread.h>
#include <wx/dir.h>
#include <wx/arrstr.h>

#include "ThreadSearchFindData.h"
#include "ThreadSearch.h"
#include "ThreadSearchView.h"

class wxString;

class cbProject;
class cbStyledTextCtrl;

class TextFileSearcher;
class ThreadSearchView;
class ThreadSearchThread;

class ThreadSearchThread : public wxThread, public wxDirTraverser
      /** Constructor.
        * @param pThreadSearchView : worker thread caller
        * @param findData          : search informations (text, dir, case)
      ThreadSearchThread(ThreadSearchView* pThreadSearchView, const ThreadSearchFindData& findData);

      /** Destructor. */

      /** OnExit wxThread override. Used to inform pThreadSearchView
        * from thread termination.
      void OnExit();

      /** Entry wxThread override. Entry point of the thread.
      void *Entry();

      /** wxDirTraverser OnDir override.
        * @param dirName : current directory path.
      wxDirTraverseResult OnDir(const wxString& dirName);

      /** wxDirTraverser OnFile override.
        * @param fileName : current file path.
      wxDirTraverseResult OnFile(const wxString& fileName);

      /** FindInFile
        * Uses the TextFileSearcher to search in the specified file
        * for expression and sends one event to the view if one or
        * more occurrences are found.
        * @param path : file path to search in.
      void FindInFile(const wxString& path);

      /** Adds item to strings array only if it does not exist.
        * @param sortedArrayString : strings array to which item may be added.
        * @param newItem           : item to add if not present in array
        * @return true if added to array.
    static bool AddNewItem(wxSortedArrayString& sortedArrayString, const wxString& newItem);

    /** Adds project file paths to the strings array avoiding duplicated paths.
        * @param sortedArrayString : strings array containing file paths.
        * @param project           : project whose file paths will be added to sortedArrayString
    void AddProjectFiles(wxSortedArrayString& sortedArrayString, cbProject& project);

      ThreadSearchView*    m_pThreadSearchView; // Worker thread caller
      ThreadSearchFindData m_FindData;          // Structure containing search parameters

      wxDirTraverseResult  m_DefaultDirResult;  // Used to recurse or not in directory search
      wxArrayString        m_LineTextArray;     // Array containing one file search results.
                                              // Succession of 'line number' and line of text
      wxArrayString        m_Masks;             // Used in directory search to filter file paths.
      wxSortedArrayString  m_FilePaths;         // Array containing all file paths that will be
                                                // searched in.
      TextFileSearcher*    m_pTextFileSearcher; // Searcher object


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