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 * Name:      ThreadSearchConfPanel
 * Purpose:   This class implements the configuration panel used
 *            in modal dialog called on "Options" button click
 *            and by C::B on "Environment" settings window.
 * Author:    Jerome ANTOINE
 * Created:   2007-10-08
 * Copyright: Jerome ANTOINE
 * License:   GPL


// begin wxGlade: ::dependencies
// end wxGlade

// begin wxGlade: ::extracode

// end wxGlade

#include <wx/string.h>

#include "configurationpanel.h"

class wxWindow;
class wxRadioBox;
class wxCheckBox;
class wxStaticBox;
class wxCommandEvent;

class ThreadSearch;
class SearchInPanel;
class DirectoryParamsPanel;

class ThreadSearchConfPanel: public cbConfigurationPanel {
    // begin wxGlade: ThreadSearchConfPanel::ids
    // end wxGlade

      /** Constructor. */
    ThreadSearchConfPanel(ThreadSearch& threadSearchPlugin, wxWindow* parent = NULL, wxWindowID id = -1);

      /** Returns the title displayed in the left column of the "Settings/Environment" dialog. */
      wxString GetTitle()          const {return wxT("Thread search");}

      /** Returns string used to build active/inactive images path in the left column
        * of the "Settings/Environment" dialog.
      wxString GetBitmapBaseName() const {return wxT("ThreadSearch");}

      /** Called automatically when user clicks on OK
      void OnApply();

      /** Called automatically when user clicks on Cancel
      void OnCancel() {}

    // begin wxGlade: ThreadSearchConfPanel::methods
    void set_properties();
    void do_layout();
    // end wxGlade

    ThreadSearch& m_ThreadSearchPlugin;  // Reference on the ThreadSearch plugin we configure

    // begin wxGlade: ThreadSearchConfPanel::attributes
    wxStaticBox* SizerThreadSearchLayout_staticbox;
    wxStaticBox* SizerListControlOptions_staticbox;
    wxStaticBox* SizerThreadSearchLayoutGlobal_staticbox;
    wxStaticBox* SizerThreadSearchOptions_staticbox;
    wxStaticBox* SizerOptions_staticbox;
    wxStaticBox* SizerSearchIn_staticbox;
    SearchInPanel* m_pPnlSearchIn;
    DirectoryParamsPanel* m_pPnlDirParams;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkWholeWord;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkStartWord;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkMatchCase;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkRegExp;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkThreadSearchEnable;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkUseDefaultOptionsForThreadSearch;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkShowThreadSearchToolBar;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkShowThreadSearchWidgets;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkShowCodePreview;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkDisplayLogHeaders;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkDrawLogLines;
    wxRadioBox* m_pRadPanelManagement;
    wxRadioBox* m_pRadLoggerType;
    wxRadioBox* m_pRadSplitterWndMode;
    wxRadioBox* m_pRadSortBy;
    // end wxGlade


      /** The m_pChkThreadSearchEnable checkbox is used to enable/disable 'Find occurrences'
        * contextual menu integration.
        * This method disables the m_pChkUseDefaultOptionsForThreadSearch checkbox if
        * 'Find occurrences' is not present in the contextual menu.
    void OnThreadSearchEnable(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>
    void OnChkShowThreadSearchToolBarClick(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>
    void OnChkCodePreview(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>
    void OnChkShowThreadSearchWidgetsClick(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>
}; // wxGlade: end class


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