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/*    see copyright notice in squirrel.h */
#ifndef _SQSTRING_H_
#define _SQSTRING_H_

inline SQHash _hashstr (const SQChar *s, size_t l)
            SQHash h = (SQHash)l;  /* seed */
            size_t step = (l>>5)|1;  /* if string is too long, don't hash all its chars */
            for (; l>=step; l-=step)
                  h = h ^ ((h<<5)+(h>>2)+(unsigned short)*(s++));
            return h;

struct SQString : public SQRefCounted
      static SQString *Create(SQSharedState *ss, const SQChar *, SQInteger len = -1 );
      SQInteger Next(const SQObjectPtr &refpos, SQObjectPtr &outkey, SQObjectPtr &outval);
      void Release();
      SQSharedState *_sharedstate;
      SQString *_next; //chain for the string table
      SQInteger _len;
      SQHash _hash;
      SQChar _val[1];

#endif //_SQSTRING_H_

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