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 * This file is part of the Code::Blocks IDE and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html


#include <wx/dynarray.h>
#include <wx/hashmap.h>
#include <wx/intl.h>
#include <wx/wxscintilla.h> // wxSCI_KEYWORDSET_MAX
#include "settings.h"

#ifndef CB_PRECOMP
    #include "globals.h" // HighlightLanguage

// forward decls
class cbEditor;
class cbStyledTextCtrl;

#define COLORSET_DEFAULT      _T("default")

struct OptionColour
      wxString name;
      int value;
      wxColour fore;
      wxColour back;
      bool bold;
      bool italics;
      bool underlined;
      bool isStyle;

      wxColour originalfore;
      wxColour originalback;
      bool originalbold;
      bool originalitalics;
      bool originalunderlined;
      bool originalisStyle;
WX_DEFINE_ARRAY(OptionColour*, OptionColours);

struct OptionSet
    wxString m_Langs;
    OptionColours m_Colours;
    wxString m_Keywords[wxSCI_KEYWORDSET_MAX + 1]; // wxSCI_KEYWORDSET_MAX+1 keyword sets
    wxArrayString m_FileMasks;
    int m_Lexers;
    wxString m_SampleCode;
    int m_BreakLine;
    int m_DebugLine;
    int m_ErrorLine;

    wxString m_originalKeywords[wxSCI_KEYWORDSET_MAX + 1]; // wxSCI_KEYWORDSET_MAX+1 keyword sets
    wxArrayString m_originalFileMasks;

class EditorColourSet
            EditorColourSet(const wxString& setName = COLORSET_DEFAULT);
            EditorColourSet(const EditorColourSet& other); // copy ctor

            HighlightLanguage AddHighlightLanguage(int lexer, const wxString& name);
            HighlightLanguage GetHighlightLanguage(int lexer); // from scintilla lexer (wxSCI_LEX_*)
            HighlightLanguage GetHighlightLanguage(const wxString& name);
            wxArrayString GetAllHighlightLanguages();

            void AddOption(HighlightLanguage lang,
                                    const wxString& name,
                                    int value,
                                    wxColour fore = wxNullColour,
                                    wxColour back = wxNullColour,
                                    bool bold = false,
                                    bool italics = false,
                                    bool underlined = false,
                                    bool isStyle = true);
            bool AddOption(HighlightLanguage lang, OptionColour* option, bool checkIfExists = true);
            OptionColour* GetOptionByName(HighlightLanguage lang, const wxString& name);
            OptionColour* GetOptionByValue(HighlightLanguage lang, int value);
            OptionColour* GetOptionByIndex(HighlightLanguage lang, int index);
            void UpdateOptionsWithSameName(HighlightLanguage lang, OptionColour* base);
            int GetOptionCount(HighlightLanguage lang);
            HighlightLanguage GetLanguageForFilename(const wxString& filename);
            wxString GetLanguageName(HighlightLanguage lang);
            wxString GetName(){ return m_Name; }
            void SetName(const wxString& name){ m_Name = name; }
            HighlightLanguage Apply(cbEditor* editor, HighlightLanguage lang=HL_AUTO);
            void Apply(HighlightLanguage lang, cbStyledTextCtrl* control);
            void Save();
            void Reset(HighlightLanguage lang);
            wxString& GetKeywords(HighlightLanguage lang, int idx);
            void SetKeywords(HighlightLanguage lang, int idx, const wxString& keywords);
            const wxArrayString& GetFileMasks(HighlightLanguage lang);
            void SetFileMasks(HighlightLanguage lang, const wxString& masks, const wxString& = _(","));
            wxString GetSampleCode(HighlightLanguage lang, int* breakLine, int* debugLine, int* errorLine);
            void SetSampleCode(HighlightLanguage lang, const wxString& sample, int breakLine, int debugLine, int errorLine);
            void DoApplyStyle(cbStyledTextCtrl* control, int value, OptionColour* option);
            void LoadAvailableSets();
            void Load();
            void ClearAllOptionColours();

            wxString m_Name;
            OptionSetsMap m_Sets;


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