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 * Name:      codestat.h
 * Purpose:   Code::Blocks CodeStat plugin: main functions
 * Author:    Zlika
 * Created:   11/09/2005
 * Copyright: (c) Zlika
 * License:   GPL

#ifndef CODESTAT_H
#define CODESTAT_H

#include "cbplugin.h" // the base class we 're inheriting

class cbConfigurationPanel;
class CodeStatExecDlg;
class wxWindow;

/** Main class for the Code Statistics plugin.
 *  @see CodeStatConfigDlg, CodeStatExecDlg, LanguageDef
00022 class CodeStat : public cbToolPlugin
00027             int GetConfigurationGroup()  const { return cgEditor; }
        cbConfigurationPanel* GetConfigurationPanel(wxWindow* parent);
            int Execute();
            void OnAttach(); // fires when the plugin is attached to the application
            void OnRelease(bool appShutDown); // fires when the plugin is released from the application
      CodeStatExecDlg* dlg;

#endif // CODESTAT_H

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