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 * This file is part of the Code::Blocks IDE and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html


#include <wx/string.h>
#include <wx/filename.h>

#include "globals.h"

  * @brief A workspace class.
  * Workspaces are just collections of projects. By loading a workspace,
  * all the projects it contains are loaded.\n
  * There is always a workspace open. The default one does not contain any projects.\n
  * Currently, no inter-project dependencies are supported but at some point
  * they will be ;)
  * @note The way WorkspaceLoader works now, requires that you save and delete the
  * loaded workspace *before* creating a new one...
00026 class cbWorkspace
        /** @brief Constructor
          * @param filename The file from which to load the workspace. If this
          *        parameter is empty, the default workspace is loaded.
        cbWorkspace(const wxString& filename = DEFAULT_WORKSPACE);

        /** @brief Destructor */
        virtual ~cbWorkspace();

        /** @brief Save the workspace
          * @param force If false (the default), the workspace will not be written to disk,
          * if it is not marked as modified.
          * @return True if saving succeeded, false if not.
        virtual bool Save(bool force = false);

        /** @brief Save the workspace under a different filename
          * @param filename The name of the file to save.
          * @return True if saving succeeded, false if not.
          * @note If the filename parameter is empty, a file dialog to choose
          * the filename to save will be displayed.
        virtual bool SaveAs(const wxString& filename);

        /** @brief Get the workspace file's name
          * @return The name of the file this workspace was loaded from.
00060         virtual wxString GetFilename() const
          return m_Filename.GetFullPath();

        /** @brief Get the workspace's title
          * @return The title of the workspace.
00069         virtual wxString GetTitle() const
          return m_Title;

        /** @brief Set the workspace's title
          * @param title The new title.
        virtual void SetTitle(const wxString& title);

        /** @brief Was this workspace loaded succesfully?
          * @return True if the workspace was loaded succesfully, false if not.
          * @note Because the only way to load a workspace is through its
          * constructor, and because we don't use exceptions, this is the only
          * way to know if loading succeeded.
00087         virtual bool IsOK() const { return m_IsOK; }

        /** @brief Is this workspace the Code::Blocks default?
          * @return True if the workspace is the default, false if not.
00093         virtual bool IsDefault() const { return m_IsDefault; }

        /** @brief Is this workspace modified?
          * @return True if the workspace is modified, false if not.
          * @note A workspace is considered modified when projects
          * are added-to/removed-from it, when the project's order
          * is changed or when the active project is changed.
00102         virtual bool GetModified() const { return m_Modified; }

        /** @brief Mark the workspace as modified or not
          * @param modified If true, the workspace will be marked as modified. If
          * false, the workspace will be marked as unmodified.
        virtual void SetModified(bool modified);
        bool m_IsOK; // succeeded loading?
        bool m_IsDefault; // is this the Code::Blocks default workspace?
        bool m_Modified; // is it modified?
        wxFileName m_Filename; // filename
        wxString m_Title; // title

        void Load(); // utility function


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