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/*    see copyright notice in squirrel.h */
#ifndef _SQTABLE_H_
#define _SQTABLE_H_
* The following code is based on Lua 4.0 (Copyright 1994-2002 Tecgraf, PUC-Rio.)
* http://www.lua.org/copyright.html#4
* http://www.lua.org/source/4.0.1/src_ltable.c.html

#include "sqstring.h"

#define hashptr(p)  ((SQHash)(((SQInteger)p) >> 3))

inline SQHash HashObj(const SQObjectPtr &key)
      switch(type(key)) {
            case OT_STRING:         return _string(key)->_hash;
            case OT_FLOAT:          return (SQHash)((SQInteger)_float(key));
            case OT_BOOL: case OT_INTEGER:      return (SQHash)((SQInteger)_integer(key));
            default:                return hashptr(key._unVal.pRefCounted);

struct SQTable : public SQDelegable 
      struct _HashNode
            _HashNode() { next = NULL; }
            SQObjectPtr val;
            SQObjectPtr key;
            _HashNode *next;
      _HashNode *_firstfree;
      _HashNode *_nodes;
      SQInteger _numofnodes;
      SQInteger _usednodes;
      void AllocNodes(SQInteger nSize);
      void Rehash(bool force);
      SQTable(SQSharedState *ss, SQInteger nInitialSize);
      static SQTable* Create(SQSharedState *ss,SQInteger nInitialSize)
            SQTable *newtable = (SQTable*)SQ_MALLOC(sizeof(SQTable));
            new (newtable) SQTable(ss, nInitialSize);
            newtable->_delegate = NULL;
            return newtable;
      void Finalize();
      SQTable *Clone();
            REMOVE_FROM_CHAIN(&_sharedstate->_gc_chain, this);
            for (SQInteger i = 0; i < _numofnodes; i++) _nodes[i].~_HashNode();
            SQ_FREE(_nodes, _numofnodes * sizeof(_HashNode));
      void Mark(SQCollectable **chain);
      inline _HashNode *_Get(const SQObjectPtr &key,SQHash hash)
            _HashNode *n = &_nodes[hash];
                  if(_rawval(n->key) == _rawval(key) && type(n->key) == type(key)){
                        return n;
            }while((n = n->next));
            return NULL;
      bool Get(const SQObjectPtr &key,SQObjectPtr &val);
      void Remove(const SQObjectPtr &key);
      bool Set(const SQObjectPtr &key, const SQObjectPtr &val);
      //returns true if a new slot has been created false if it was already present
      bool NewSlot(const SQObjectPtr &key,const SQObjectPtr &val);
      SQInteger Next(bool getweakrefs,const SQObjectPtr &refpos, SQObjectPtr &outkey, SQObjectPtr &outval);
      SQInteger CountUsed(){ return _usednodes;}
      void Release()
            sq_delete(this, SQTable);

#endif //_SQTABLE_H_

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