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#ifndef MYTAR_H
#define MYTAR_H

#include <wx/string.h>
#include <wx/dynarray.h>

class wxArrayString;

struct Replacers
    wxString from;
    wxString to;
WX_DECLARE_OBJARRAY(Replacers, ReplacersArray);

class TAR
        struct Header
            char name[100];
            char mode[8];
            char uid[8];
            char gid[8];
            char size[12];
            char mtime[12];
            char chksum[8];
            char typeflag;
            char linkname[100];
            char magic[6];
            char version[2];
            char uname[32];
            char gname[32];
            char devmajor[8];
            char devminor[8];
            char prefix[155];
            char padding[12];
//            char *gnu_longname;
//            char *gnu_longlink;
        } __attribute__((__packed__));

        enum FileType
            ftNormal,          // Regular file
            ftLink,            // Link to another, previously archived, file (LinkName)
            ftSymbolicLink,    // Symbolic link to another file              (LinkName)
            ftCharacter,       // Character special files
            ftBlock,           // Block special files
            ftDirectory,       // Directory entry. Size is zero (unlimited) or max. number of bytes
            ftFifo,            // FIFO special file. No data stored in the archive.
            ftContiguous,      // Contiguous file, if supported by OS
            ftDumpDir,         // List of files
            ftMultiVolume,     // Multi-volume file part
            ftVolumeHeader,    // Volume header. Can appear only as first record in the archive

        struct Record
            wxString name;
            int size;
            size_t pos;
            FileType ft;

        TAR(const wxString& filename = 0);

        bool Open(const wxString& filename);
        void Close();
        void Reset();

        bool Next(Record* rec);
        bool ExtractAll(const wxString& dirname, wxString& status, wxArrayString* files = 0);
        bool ExtractFile(Record* rec, const wxString& dirname, wxString& status, wxString* convertedFile = 0);
        Record* FindFile(const wxString& filename);

        void ClearReplacers();
        void AddReplacer(const wxString& from, const wxString& to);
        int OctToInt(const char* oct);
        size_t OffsetRecords(size_t bytes);
        void ReplaceThings(wxString& path);
        FILE* m_pFile;
        size_t m_SkipBytes;
        size_t m_Size;
        ReplacersArray m_Replacers;

#endif // MYTAR_H

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