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wxPdfTokenizer Class Reference

#include <pdfparser.h>

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Detailed Description

Class representing a tokenizer for parsing PDF documenst.

Definition at line 44 of file pdfparser.h.

Public Member Functions

void BackOnePosition (int ch)
 Go back one position in the stream.
wxString CheckPdfHeader ()
 Check the header of the document stream.
int GetGeneration ()
 Get object generation.
int GetIntValue ()
 Get the token value as an integer.
off_t GetLength ()
 Get length of stream.
int GetReference ()
 Get object reference.
off_t GetStartXRef ()
 Find the offset of the startxref tag.
wxString GetStringValue ()
 Get the token value as a string.
int GetTokenType ()
 Get the type of the last token.
bool IsHexString ()
 Check whether the token is a hexadecimal string.
bool NextToken ()
 Get the next token.
void NextValidToken ()
 Get the next valid token.
wxMemoryOutputStream * ReadBuffer (size_t size)
 Read size bytes from stream.
int ReadChar ()
 Read one byte from stream.
wxString ReadString (int size)
 Read a string.
off_t Seek (off_t pos)
 Set current offset position in stream.
off_t Tell ()
 Get current offset position in stream.
 wxPdfTokenizer (wxInputStream *inputStream)
virtual ~wxPdfTokenizer ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int GetHex (int v)
 Get hexadecimal character.
static bool IsDelimiter (int ch)
 Check byte whether it is a delimiter.
static bool IsDelimiterOrWhitespace (int ch)
 Check byte whether it is a delimiter or a whitespace character.
static bool IsWhitespace (int ch)
 Check byte whether it represents a white space character.

Private Attributes

int m_generation
 Generation number of object.
bool m_hexString
 Flag for hexadeciaml strings.
wxInputStream * m_inputStream
 Stream of document data.
int m_reference
 Reference number of object.
wxString m_stringValue
 Value of last token.
int m_type
 Type of last token.

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