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wxPdfFontType1 Class Reference

#include <pdffont.h>

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Detailed Description

Class representing Type 1 fonts. (For internal use only).

Definition at line 440 of file pdffont.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual wxString ConvertCID2GID (const wxString &s)
 Convert character codes to glyph numbers.
virtual int CreateSubset (wxInputStream *fontFile, wxOutputStream *fontSubset)
 Create font subset.
wxString CreateSubsetPrefix () const
 Create a subset name prefix.
int GetBBoxTopPosition ()
 Get bounding box top position.
const wxPdfCharWidthMap * GetCharWidthMap ()
 Get char width map.
wxString GetCMap ()
 Get the font's CMap (Type 0 only).
wxString GetCtgFile ()
 Get the name of the Character-to-Glyph mapping file.
virtual const
GetDesc () const
 Get the font description.
int GetDiffIndex ()
 Get encoding differences index.
wxString GetDiffs ()
 Get encoding differences.
wxString GetEncoding ()
 Get encoding.
int GetFileIndex ()
 Get font file index.
wxString GetFilePath ()
 Get path of font files.
wxString GetFontFile ()
 Get the name of the associated font file.
const wxPdfCharWidthMap * GetGlyphNumberMap ()
 Get glyph number map.
int GetIndex ()
 Get font index.
wxString GetName ()
 Get font name.
int GetObjIndex ()
 Get font object index.
wxString GetOrdering ()
 Get font ordering.
int GetSize1 ()
 Get font file size 1.
int GetSize2 ()
 Get font file size 2 (Type 1 only).
virtual double GetStringWidth (const wxString &s)
 Get the width of a string.
wxString GetSupplement ()
 Get font supplement /Type 0 only).
wxString GetType ()
 Get font type.
int GetUnderlinePosition ()
 Get underline position.
int GetUnderlineThickness ()
 Get underline thickness.
virtual wxString GetWidthsAsString ()
 Get the character width array as string.
bool HasDiffs ()
 Check whether the font has differences to WinAnsi encoding.
bool HasFile ()
 Check whether the font has an associated font file.
bool HasSize2 ()
 Check whether the file has a size 2.
virtual bool LoadFontMetrics (wxXmlNode *WXUNUSED(root))
 Load the font metrics XML file.
virtual bool LoadFontMetrics (wxXmlNode *root)
 Load the font metrics XML file.
void SetCharWidthMap (wxPdfCharWidthMap *cw)
 Set char width map.
void SetCtgFile (const wxString &ctg)
 Set the name of the Character-to-Glyph mapping file.
virtual void SetDesc (const wxPdfFontDescription &desc)
 Set the font description.
void SetDiffIndex (int ndiff)
 Set encoding differences index.
void SetDiffs (const wxString &diffs)
 Set encoding differences.
void SetEncoding (const wxString &enc)
 Set encoding.
void SetFileIndex (int fn)
 Set font file index.
void SetFilePath (const wxString &path)
 Set path of font files.
void SetFontFile (const wxString &file)
 Set the name of the Character-to-Glyph mapping file.
void SetGlyphNumberMap (wxPdfCharWidthMap *gn)
 Set glyph number map.
void SetIndex (int index)
 Set font index.
void SetName (const wxString &name)
 Set font name.
void SetObjIndex (int n)
 Set font object index.
void SetSize1 (int size1)
 Get font file size 1.
void SetSize2 (int size2)
 Get font file size 2.
void SetSubset (bool subset)
 Set subset flag if font subsetting is supported.
void SetType (const wxString &type)
 Set font type.
void SetUnderlinePosition (int up)
 Set underline position.
void SetUnderlineThickness (int ut)
 Set underline thickness.
virtual bool SupportsSubset ()
 Check whether the font supports subsetting.
virtual void UpdateUsedChars (const wxString &s)
 Update the list of used characters.
 wxPdfFontType1 (int index)
 < Constructor
virtual ~wxPdfFontType1 ()
 Default destructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static wxMBConv * GetWinEncodingConv ()
 Get the default WinAnsi encoding converter.

Protected Attributes

wxString m_cmap
 CMap of a CID font.
wxMBConv * m_conv
 Assocated encoding converter.
wxString m_ctg
 Filename of char to glyph mapping.
wxPdfCharWidthMap * m_cw
 Array with character widths.
wxPdfFontDescription m_desc
 Font description.
wxString m_diffs
 Encoding differences.
wxString m_enc
wxString m_file
 Filename of font program.
int m_fn
 Font file index.
wxPdfCharWidthMap * m_gn
 Array with glyph numbers.
int m_index
 Index number of this font.
int m_n
 Font object index.
wxString m_name
 Font name.
int m_ndiff
 Index of encoding differences object.
wxString m_ordering
 Ordering of a CID font.
wxString m_path
 Path of font files.
int m_size1
 TrueType file size or Type1 file size 1.
int m_size2
 Type1 file size 2.
bool m_subset
 Flag whether the font uses subsetting.
bool m_subsetSupport
 Flag whether the font supports subsetting.
wxString m_supplement
 Supplement of a CID font.
wxString m_type
 Font type.
wxPdfSortedArrayInt * m_usedChars
 Array of used characters.

Static Protected Attributes

static wxMBConv * ms_winEncoding = NULL
 WinAnsi converter.

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