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virtual bool wxPdfDocument::AddFontCJK ( const wxString &  WXUNUSEDfamily  )  [inline, virtual]

Imports a CJK (Chinese, Japanese or Korean) font and makes it available.

It is necessary to generate a font definition file first with the makefont utility. The definition file (and the font file itself when embedding) must be present either in the current directory or in the one indicated by WXPDF_FONTPATH if the constant is defined.

family Font family. The name can be chosen arbitrarily. If it is a standard family name, it will override the corresponding font.
All font styles (regular, bold, italic and bold-italic) are made available The font definition file name is built from the family in lower case with no space. There are several predefined font definition files available:
  • BIG5 Chinese (traditional)
  • BIG5-HW Chinese (traditional) half-width ASCII characters
  • GB Chinese (simplified)
  • GB-HW Chinese (simplified) half-width ASCII characters
  • SJIS Japanese
  • SJIS-HW Japanese, half-width ASCII characters
  • UHC Korean
  • UHC-HW Korean, half-width ASCII characters
These fonts require that the Adobe CJK font support is installed
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Definition at line 973 of file pdfdoc.h.

{ return false; }

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