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wxPdfArray Class Reference

#include <pdfobjects.h>

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Detailed Description

Class representing an array object. (For internal use only).

Definition at line 201 of file pdfobjects.h.

Public Member Functions

void Add (double value)
 Append a floating point value to the array.
void Add (int value)
 Append an integer value to the array.
void Add (wxPdfObject *obj)
 Append an object to the array.
wxPdfObjectGet (size_t index)
 Get the array element with the given index.
int GetGeneration ()
 Get generation number.
int GetNumber ()
 Get object number.
size_t GetSize ()
 Get the size of the array.
int GetType ()
 Get the type of the object.
bool IsIndirect ()
 Check whether this object was created through a indirect reference.
void SetIndirect (bool indirect)
 Flag this object as created through a indirect reference.
void SetObjNum (int objNum, int objGen=0)
 Set object and generation number.
 wxPdfArray ()
virtual ~wxPdfArray ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_indirect
 Flag whether created through indirect reference.
int m_objGen
 Object generation.
int m_objNum
 Object number.
int m_type
 Object type.

Private Attributes

wxArrayPtrVoid m_array
 Array of objects.

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