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wxKeyProfileArray Class Reference

#include <keybinder.h>

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Detailed Description

An array of wxKeyProfiles. This is an handy way to hold a set of pointers to wxKeyProfiles and to retrieve the profiles from a wxKeyConfigPanel after they have been added/removed/edited by the user.

This class also holds a variable (m_nSelected) which makes it easier for the owner of the array to manage more than one key profile (this variables has sense only assuming that only one key profile at time is selected into app's windows...). Without this additional field, you would have to declare another variable to use together with wxKeyProfileArray. However, please note that this variable is *not* updated in any way by wxKeyProfileArray itself: this is still owner's task which can use the SetSelProfile and GetSelProfile functions to access this variable.

Definition at line 1019 of file keybinder.h.

Public Member Functions

void AttachAllTo (wxWindow *w)
void Cleanup ()
void DeepCopy (const wxKeyProfileArray &p)
 Copies the given array.
void DetachAll ()
 Detaches all the wxKeyProfiles from *all* their attached windows.
void DetachAllFrom (wxWindow *w)
 Detaches all the wxKeyProfiles from the given window.
void EnableAll (bool bEnable=TRUE)
 Enables/disables all the wxKeyProfiles. See wxKeyBinder::Enable.
bool Load (wxConfigBase *p, const wxString &key=wxEmptyString)
int MergeDynamicMenuItems (wxMenuBar *pMnuBar)
wxKeyProfileArrayoperator= (const wxKeyProfileArray &tocopy)
bool operator== (const wxKeyProfileArray &tocomp)
bool Save (wxConfigBase *p, const wxString &key=wxEmptyString, bool bCleanOld=FALSE) const
void UpdateAllCmd (wxMenuBar *pMnuBar)
 Updates all the wxCmds contained.
 wxKeyProfileArray (const wxKeyProfileArray &tocopy)
wxArray-like functions.
We cannot use wxArrayPtrVoid as base class (it does not have a virtual destructor) and so we are forced to re-implement the wxArray functions...

void Add (wxKeyProfile *p)
void Clear ()
int GetCount () const
const wxKeyProfileGetSelProfile () const
wxKeyProfileGetSelProfile ()
int GetSelProfileIdx () const
void Insert (wxKeyProfile *p, int n)
bool IsEmpty () const
const wxKeyProfileItem (int n) const
wxKeyProfileItem (int n)
void Remove (wxKeyProfile *p)
void RemoveAt (size_t i, size_t count=1)
void SetSelProfile (int n)

Private Attributes

wxArrayPtrVoid m_arr
int m_nSelected
 The index of the currently selected profile.

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