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cbWorkspace Class Reference

#include <cbworkspace.h>

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Detailed Description

A workspace class.

Workspaces are just collections of projects. By loading a workspace, all the projects it contains are loaded.
There is always a workspace open. The default one does not contain any projects.
Currently, no inter-project dependencies are supported but at some point they will be ;)

The way WorkspaceLoader works now, requires that you save and delete the loaded workspace *before* creating a new one...

Definition at line 26 of file cbworkspace.h.

Public Member Functions

 cbWorkspace (const wxString &filename=DEFAULT_WORKSPACE)
virtual wxString GetFilename () const
 Get the workspace file's name.
virtual bool GetModified () const
 Is this workspace modified?
virtual wxString GetTitle () const
 Get the workspace's title.
virtual bool IsDefault () const
 Is this workspace the Code::Blocks default?
virtual bool IsOK () const
 Was this workspace loaded succesfully?
virtual bool Save (bool force=false)
 Save the workspace.
virtual bool SaveAs (const wxString &filename)
 Save the workspace under a different filename.
virtual void SetModified (bool modified)
 Mark the workspace as modified or not.
virtual void SetTitle (const wxString &title)
 Set the workspace's title.
virtual ~cbWorkspace ()

Private Member Functions

void Load ()

Private Attributes

wxFileName m_Filename
bool m_IsDefault
bool m_IsOK
bool m_Modified
wxString m_Title

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