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cbPlugin Class Reference

#include <cbplugin.h>

Inheritance diagram for cbPlugin:

cbCodeCompletionPlugin cbCompilerPlugin cbDebuggerPlugin cbMimePlugin cbToolPlugin cbWizardPlugin wxSmith wxSmithMime CodeStat

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Detailed Description

Base class for plugins This is the most basic class a plugin must descend from. cbPlugin descends from wxEvtHandler, so it provides its methods as well...

It's not enough to create a new plugin. You must also provide a resource zip file containing a file named "manifest.xml". Check the manifest.xml file of existing plugins to see how to create one (it's ultra-simple).

Definition at line 72 of file cbplugin.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void BuildMenu (wxMenuBar *menuBar)=0
virtual void BuildModuleMenu (const ModuleType type, wxMenu *menu, const FileTreeData *data=0)=0
virtual bool BuildToolBar (wxToolBar *toolBar)=0
virtual bool CanDetach () const
 cbPlugin ()
virtual int Configure ()
virtual int GetConfigurationGroup () const
virtual cbConfigurationPanelGetConfigurationPanel (wxWindow *parent)
virtual int GetConfigurationPriority () const
virtual cbConfigurationPanelGetProjectConfigurationPanel (wxWindow *parent, cbProject *project)
virtual PluginType GetType () const
bool IsAttached () const
virtual ~cbPlugin ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void NotImplemented (const wxString &log) const
virtual void OnAttach ()
virtual void OnRelease (bool appShutDown)

Protected Attributes

bool m_IsAttached
PluginType m_Type

Private Member Functions

void Attach ()
void Release (bool appShutDown)


class PluginManager

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