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cbStyledTextCtrl * cbEditor::GetControl (  )  const

Returns a pointer to the underlying cbStyledTextCtrl object (which itself is the wxWindows implementation of Scintilla). If you want to mess with the actual contents of an editor, this is the object you want to get.

If the editor is split, this function returns the control which currently has the keyboard focus. Don't save this pointer because it might be invalid at any later time...

Definition at line 518 of file cbeditor.cpp.

Referenced by AddBreakpoint(), wxsCoder::ApplyChangesEditor(), AutoComplete(), CanPaste(), CanRedo(), CanUndo(), Copy(), CreateContextSubMenu(), wxsEventsEditor::CreateNewFunction(), Cut(), DoUnIndent(), FoldBlockFromLine(), wxsCoder::GetCode(), wxsCoder::GetFullCode(), GetLineIndentInSpaces(), GetLineIndentString(), wxsEventsEditor::GotoHandler(), GotoLine(), GotoMatchingBrace(), HasBreakpoint(), HasSelection(), HighlightBraces(), IsReadOnly(), OnContextMenuEntry(), Paste(), wxsCoder::PutFullCode(), Redo(), RemoveBreakpoint(), ToggleBreakpoint(), ToggleFoldBlockFromLine(), Undo(), UnfoldBlockFromLine(), and Unsplit().

    // return the focused control (left or right)
    if (m_pControl2)
        wxWindow* focused = wxWindow::FindFocus();
        if (focused == m_pControl2)
            return m_pControl2;
    return m_pControl;

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