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ProjectFile Class Reference

#include <projectfile.h>

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Detailed Description

Represents a file in a Code::Blocks project.

Definition at line 38 of file projectfile.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddBuildTarget (const wxString &targetName)
wxString GetBaseName () const
wxString GetCustomBuildCommand (const wxString &compilerId)
const pfDetailsGetFileDetails (ProjectBuildTarget *target)
FileVisualState GetFileState () const
const wxString & GetObjName ()
cbProjectGetParentProject ()
bool GetUseCustomBuildCommand (const wxString &compilerId)
void operator delete (void *ptr)
void * operator new (size_t size)
 ProjectFile (cbProject *prj)
void RemoveBuildTarget (const wxString &targetName)
void Rename (const wxString &new_name)
void RenameBuildTarget (const wxString &oldTargetName, const wxString &newTargetName)
void SetCustomBuildCommand (const wxString &compilerId, const wxString &newBuildCommand)
void SetFileState (FileVisualState state)
void SetObjName (const wxString &name)
void SetUseCustomBuildCommand (const wxString &compilerId, bool useCustomBuildCommand)
bool ShowOptions (wxWindow *parent)
void UpdateFileDetails (ProjectBuildTarget *target=0)
 ~ProjectFile ()

Public Attributes

wxArrayString buildTargets
bool compile
wxString compilerVar
pfCustomBuildMap customBuild
bool editorOpen
int editorPos
int editorTabPos
int editorTopLine
wxFileName file
ProjectFilesVector generatedFiles
bool link
wxString relativeFilename
wxString relativeToCommonTopLevelPath
wxString virtual_path
unsigned short int weight

Protected Member Functions

void DoUpdateFileDetails (ProjectBuildTarget *target)

Protected Attributes

wxString m_ObjName
wxTreeItemId m_TreeItemId
FileVisualState m_VisualState


class cbProject

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