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EditorBase Class Reference

#include <editorbase.h>

Inheritance diagram for EditorBase:

byoEditorBase cbEditor wxsEditor wxsItemEditor

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Detailed Description

Base class that all "editors" should inherit from.

This class descends from wxPanel, so it provides all wxPanel methods as well...

Definition at line 27 of file editorbase.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Activate ()
 Activate this editor.
virtual bool CanPaste () const
virtual bool CanRedo () const
virtual bool CanUndo () const
virtual bool Close ()
 Close this editor.
virtual void Copy ()
virtual void Cut ()
virtual void DisplayContextMenu (const wxPoint &position, ModuleType type=mtUnknown)
 Display context menu.
 EditorBase (const EditorBase &rhs)
 EditorBase (wxWindow *parent, const wxString &filename)
virtual const wxString & GetFilename () const
 Get the editor's filename (if applicable).
virtual bool GetModified () const
 Is it modified?
virtual const wxString & GetShortName () const
 Returns the editor's short name.
virtual const wxString & GetTitle ()
 The editor's title.
virtual void GotoLine (int line, bool centerOnScreen=true)
virtual void GotoNextBookmark ()
virtual void GotoNextBreakpoint ()
virtual void GotoPreviousBookmark ()
virtual void GotoPreviousBreakpoint ()
virtual bool HasBookmark (int line) const
virtual bool HasBreakpoint (int line) const
virtual bool HasSelection () const
virtual bool IsBuiltinEditor () const
 Is this a built-in editor?
virtual bool IsReadOnly () const
virtual void operator= (const EditorBase &rhs)
virtual void Paste ()
virtual bool QueryClose ()
 Can this be closed (destroyed)?
virtual void Redo ()
virtual bool Save ()
 Save contents.
virtual void SetDebugLine (int line)
 Mark the debugger's active line.
virtual void SetErrorLine (int line)
 Mark line as error.
virtual void SetFilename (const wxString &filename)
 Sets the editor's filename.
virtual void SetModified (bool modified=true)
 Set the modification status.
virtual void SetTitle (const wxString &newTitle)
 Set the editor's title.
virtual bool ThereAreOthers () const
 Are there other editors besides this?
virtual void ToggleBookmark (int line=-1)
virtual void ToggleBreakpoint (int line=-1, bool notifyDebugger=true)
virtual void Undo ()
virtual bool VisibleToTree () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AddToContextMenu (wxMenu *popup, ModuleType type, bool pluginsdone)
virtual wxMenu * CreateContextSubMenu (int id)
virtual wxString CreateUniqueFilename ()
virtual void InitFilename (const wxString &filename)
virtual void OnAfterBuildContextMenu (ModuleType type)
virtual bool OnBeforeBuildContextMenu (const wxPoint &position, ModuleType type)

Protected Attributes

wxString m_Filename
bool m_IsBuiltinEditor
EditorBaseInternalData * m_pData
 Use this to add new vars/functions w/out breaking the ABI.
wxString m_Shortname

Private Member Functions

void BasicAddToContextMenu (wxMenu *popup, ModuleType type)
void OnContextMenuEntry (wxCommandEvent &event)

Private Attributes

wxString lastWord
SwitchToMap m_SwitchTo
wxString m_WinTitle

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