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 * Name:      TextFileSearcherText
 * Purpose:   TextFileSearcherText implements the TextFileSearcher
 *            interface is used to search text files for a text
 *            expression ( != regular expression).
 * Author:    Jerome ANTOINE
 * Created:   2007-04-07
 * Copyright: Jerome ANTOINE
 * License:   GPL


#include <wx/string.h>

#include "TextFileSearcher.h"

class TextFileSearcherText : public TextFileSearcher
      /** Constructor. */
      // We don't use ThreadSearchFindData to limit coupling
      TextFileSearcherText(const wxString& searchText, bool matchCase, bool matchWordBegin,
                                     bool matchWord);

      /** Destructor. */
      virtual ~TextFileSearcherText()     {}

      /** Return true if Line matches search text.
        * This method is inherited from TextFileSearcher and is used to implement
        * different search strategies. In TextFileSearcherText, the basic text search
        * is implemented.
        * @param line : the text line to match.
        * @return true if line matches search text.
      virtual bool MatchLine(wxString line);


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