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 * Name:      DirectoryParamsPanel
 * Purpose:   This class is a panel that allows the user to
 *            set the directory search parameters (dir,
 *            extensions...).
 *            It is used in the ThreadSearchView and the
 *            ThreadSearchConfPanel.
 *            It does nothing but forwarding events to the
 *            parent window.
 * Author:    Jerome ANTOINE
 * Created:   2007-10-08
 * Copyright: Jerome ANTOINE
 * License:   GPL


// begin wxGlade: ::dependencies
// end wxGlade

#include <wx/string.h>
#include <wx/panel.h>

class wxWindow;
class wxButton;
class wxCheckBox;
class wxTextCtrl;
class wxCommandEvent;

class DirectoryParamsPanel: public wxPanel {
    // begin wxGlade: DirectoryParamsPanel::ids
    // end wxGlade

      /** Constructor. */
    DirectoryParamsPanel(wxWindow* parent, int id, const wxPoint& pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize& size=wxDefaultSize, long style=0);

      // Getters
    wxString GetSearchDirPath()        const;
    bool     GetSearchDirRecursively() const;
    bool     GetSearchDirHidden()      const;
    wxString GetSearchMask()           const;

      // Setters
    void     SetSearchDirPath(const wxString& sDirPath);
    void     SetSearchDirRecursively(bool bRecurse);
    void     SetSearchDirHidden(bool bSearchHidden);
    void     SetSearchMask(const wxString& sMask);

    // begin wxGlade: DirectoryParamsPanel::methods
    void set_properties();
    void do_layout();
    // end wxGlade

    // begin wxGlade: DirectoryParamsPanel::attributes
    wxTextCtrl* m_pTxtSearchDirPath;
    wxButton* m_pBtnSelectDir;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkSearchDirRecursively;
    wxCheckBox* m_pChkSearchDirHiddenFiles;
    wxTextCtrl* m_pTxtMask;
    // end wxGlade


      /** Gets all text events to forward them to the parent window.
    void OnTxtTextEvent(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>

      /** Runs a dialog to set directory path.
    void OnBtnDirSelectClick(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>

      /** Gets all checkboxes click events to forward them to the parent window.
    void OnChkClickEvent(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>
}; // wxGlade: end class


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