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SQObjectPtr Struct Reference

Inheritance diagram for SQObjectPtr:
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Public Member Functions

void Null ()
SQObjectPtroperator= (SQInteger i)
SQObjectPtroperator= (SQFloat f)
SQObjectPtroperator= (const SQObjectPtr &obj)
SQObjectPtroperator= (const SQObject &obj)
 SQObjectPtr (SQNativeClosure *pNativeClosure)
 SQObjectPtr (SQUserData *pUserData)
 SQObjectPtr (SQUserPointer pUserPointer)
 SQObjectPtr (bool bBool)
 SQObjectPtr (SQFloat fFloat)
 SQObjectPtr (SQTable *pTable)
 SQObjectPtr (SQFunctionProto *pFunctionProto)
 SQObjectPtr (SQWeakRef *pWeakRef)
 SQObjectPtr (SQVM *pThread)
 SQObjectPtr (const SQObject &o)
 SQObjectPtr (SQClass *pClass)
 SQObjectPtr (SQGenerator *pGenerator)
 SQObjectPtr (SQClosure *pClosure)
 SQObjectPtr (SQArray *pArray)
 SQObjectPtr (const SQObjectPtr &o)
 SQObjectPtr (SQInstance *pInstance)
 SQObjectPtr (SQInteger nInteger)
 SQObjectPtr (SQString *pString)

Public Attributes

SQObjectType _type
SQObjectValue _unVal

Private Member Functions

 SQObjectPtr (const SQChar *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 129 of file sqobject.h.

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