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 * This file is part of the Code::Blocks IDE and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html


#include "globals.h"
#include <wx/hashmap.h>


  * This is a base class for all classes needing compilation parameters. It
  * offers functions to get/set the following:\n
  * \li Compiler options
  * \li Linker options
  * \li Compiler include dirs
  * \li Resource compiler include dirs
  * \li Linker include dirs
  * \li Custom commands to be executed before/after build
  * \li The settings modification status
  * \n\n
  * These settings are used by the compiler plugins to construct the necessary
  * compilation commands.
00028 class DLLIMPORT CompileOptionsBase
            virtual ~CompileOptionsBase();

            virtual void AddPlatform(int platform);
            virtual void RemovePlatform(int platform);
            virtual void SetPlatforms(int platforms);
            virtual int GetPlatforms() const;
            virtual bool SupportsCurrentPlatform() const;

            virtual void SetLinkerOptions(const wxArrayString& linkerOpts);
            virtual const wxArrayString& GetLinkerOptions() const;
        virtual void AddLinkerOption(const wxString& option);
        virtual void RemoveLinkerOption(const wxString& option);

            virtual void SetLinkLibs(const wxArrayString& linkLibs);
            virtual const wxArrayString& GetLinkLibs() const;
        virtual void AddLinkLib(const wxString& lib);
        virtual void RemoveLinkLib(const wxString& lib);

            virtual void SetCompilerOptions(const wxArrayString& compilerOpts);
            virtual const wxArrayString& GetCompilerOptions() const;
        virtual void AddCompilerOption(const wxString& option);
        virtual void RemoveCompilerOption(const wxString& option);

            virtual void SetIncludeDirs(const wxArrayString& includeDirs);
            virtual const wxArrayString& GetIncludeDirs() const;
        virtual void AddIncludeDir(const wxString& option);
        virtual void RemoveIncludeDir(const wxString& option);

            virtual void SetResourceIncludeDirs(const wxArrayString& resIncludeDirs);
            virtual const wxArrayString& GetResourceIncludeDirs() const;
        virtual void AddResourceIncludeDir(const wxString& option);
        virtual void RemoveResourceIncludeDir(const wxString& option);

            virtual void SetLibDirs(const wxArrayString& libDirs);
            virtual const wxArrayString& GetLibDirs() const;
        virtual void AddLibDir(const wxString& option);
        virtual void RemoveLibDir(const wxString& option);

            virtual void SetCommandsBeforeBuild(const wxArrayString& commands);
            virtual const wxArrayString& GetCommandsBeforeBuild() const;
            virtual void AddCommandsBeforeBuild(const wxString& command);
            virtual void RemoveCommandsBeforeBuild(const wxString& command);

            virtual void SetCommandsAfterBuild(const wxArrayString& commands);
            virtual const wxArrayString& GetCommandsAfterBuild() const;
            virtual void AddCommandsAfterBuild(const wxString& command);
            virtual void RemoveCommandsAfterBuild(const wxString& command);

        virtual void SetBuildScripts(const wxArrayString& scripts);
        virtual const wxArrayString& GetBuildScripts() const;
        virtual void AddBuildScript(const wxString& script);
        virtual void RemoveBuildScript(const wxString& script);

            virtual bool GetModified() const;
            virtual void SetModified(bool modified);

            virtual bool GetAlwaysRunPostBuildSteps() const;
            virtual void SetAlwaysRunPostBuildSteps(bool always);

            virtual bool SetVar(const wxString& key, const wxString& value, bool onlyIfExists = false);
            virtual bool UnsetVar(const wxString& key);
            virtual void UnsetAllVars();
            virtual const wxString& GetVar(const wxString& key) const;
            virtual const StringHash& GetAllVars() const;
            int m_Platform;
            wxArrayString m_LinkerOptions;
            wxArrayString m_LinkLibs;
            wxArrayString m_CompilerOptions;
            wxArrayString m_IncludeDirs;
            wxArrayString m_ResIncludeDirs;
            wxArrayString m_LibDirs;
            wxArrayString m_CmdsBefore;
            wxArrayString m_CmdsAfter;
            wxArrayString m_Scripts;
            bool m_Modified;
            bool m_AlwaysRunPostCmds;
            StringHash m_Vars;


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