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wxsPropertyGridManager Class Reference

Custom property grid manager. More...

#include <wxspropertygridmanager.h>

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struct  SelectionData
 Data of selected property. More...
struct  TemporaryPropertiesList

Public Member Functions

int AddPage (const wxString &label=wxEmptyString, const wxBitmap &bmp=wxPG_NULL_BITMAP, wxPropertyGridPage *pageObj=(wxPropertyGridPage *) NULL)
void AddPropertyChoice (wxPGId id, const wxString &label, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
void AddPropertyChoice (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &label, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
wxPGId Append (const wxString &label, const wxString &name, double value)
wxPGId Append (const wxString &label, const wxString &name, int value)
wxPGId Append (const wxString &label, const wxString &name, bool value)
wxPGId Append (wxPGProperty *property)
wxPGId Append (const wxString &label, const wxString &name, const wxString &value=wxEmptyString)
wxPGId AppendCategory (const wxString &label, const wxString &name=wxPG_LABEL)
wxPGId AppendIn (wxPGId id, wxPGProperty *property)
wxPGId AppendIn (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGProperty *property)
void BeginAddChildren (wxPGId id)
void BeginAddChildren (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool CanClose ()
void Clear ()
void ClearModifiedStatus (wxPGId id)
void ClearModifiedStatus ()
void ClearPage (int page)
bool ClearPropertyValue (wxPGId id)
bool ClearPropertyValue (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool ClearSelection ()
bool Collapse (wxPGId id)
bool Collapse (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool CollapseAll ()
bool Compact (bool compact)
bool Create (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=wxID_ANY, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxPGMAN_DEFAULT_STYLE, const wxChar *name=wxPropertyGridManagerNameStr)
void Delete (wxPGId id)
void Delete (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void DeletePropertyChoice (wxPGId id, int index)
void DeletePropertyChoice (wxPGPropNameStr name, int index)
bool DisableProperty (wxPGId id)
bool DisableProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name)
virtual wxSize DoGetBestSize () const
bool EnableCategories (bool enable)
bool EnableProperty (wxPGId id, bool enable=true)
bool EnableProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name, bool enable=true)
void EndAddChildren (wxPGId id)
void EndAddChildren (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool EnsureVisible (wxPGId id)
bool EnsureVisible (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool Expand (wxPGId id)
bool Expand (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool ExpandAll ()
virtual void Freeze ()
size_t GetChildrenCount ()
size_t GetChildrenCount (int pageIndex)
size_t GetChildrenCount (wxPGId id) const
size_t GetChildrenCount (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxsPropertyContainerGetContainer ()
 Getting main container.
int GetDescBoxHeight () const
wxPGId GetFirst () const
wxPGId GetFirstCategory () const
wxPGId GetFirstChild (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetFirstChild (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPGId GetFirstProperty () const
wxPropertyGridGetGrid ()
wxPGId GetLastChild (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetLastChild (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPGId GetNextCategory (wxPGId id) const
wxPGId GetNextProperty (wxPGId id) const
wxPGId GetNextSiblingProperty (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetNextSiblingProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPropertyGridPageGetPage (unsigned int ind) const
wxPropertyGridPageGetPage (const wxString &name) const
int GetPageByName (const wxChar *name) const
int GetPageByState (wxPropertyGridState *pstate) const
size_t GetPageCount () const
const wxString & GetPageName (int index) const
wxPGId GetPageRoot (int index) const
wxPGId GetPrevProperty (wxPGId id) const
wxPGId GetPrevSiblingProperty (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetPrevSiblingProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxString GetPropertyAttributes (wxPGId id, unsigned int flagmask=0xFFFF) const
wxPGId GetPropertyByLabel (const wxString &name, wxPropertyGridState **ppState=(wxPropertyGridState **) NULL) const
wxPGId GetPropertyByName (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPGId GetPropertyByName (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGPropNameStr subname) const
wxPGId GetPropertyByNameA (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPGId GetPropertyCategory (wxPGId id) const
wxPGId GetPropertyCategory (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPGChoicesGetPropertyChoices (wxPGId id)
wxPGChoicesGetPropertyChoices (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPG_CONST_WXCHAR_PTR GetPropertyClassName (wxPGId id) const
wxPG_CONST_WXCHAR_PTR GetPropertyClassName (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPGProperty::ClientDataType GetPropertyClientData (wxPGId id) const
wxPGProperty::ClientDataType GetPropertyClientData (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxColour GetPropertyColour (wxPGId id) const
wxColour GetPropertyColour (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
const wxPGEditorGetPropertyEditor (wxPGId id) const
const wxPGEditorGetPropertyEditor (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxString GetPropertyHelpString (wxPGId id) const
wxString GetPropertyHelpString (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxBitmap * GetPropertyImage (wxPGId id) const
wxBitmap * GetPropertyImage (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
unsigned int GetPropertyIndex (wxPGId id)
unsigned int GetPropertyIndex (wxPGPropNameStr name)
const wxString & GetPropertyLabel (wxPGId id)
const wxString & GetPropertyLabel (wxPGPropNameStr name)
const wxString & GetPropertyName (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetPropertyParent (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetPropertyParent (wxPGPropNameStr name)
int GetPropertyPriority (wxPGId id)
int GetPropertyPriority (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPGPropertyGetPropertyPtr (wxPGId id) const
wxPGPropertyGetPropertyPtr (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC wxString GetPropertyShortClassName (wxPGId id)
wxColour GetPropertyTextColour (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxColour GetPropertyTextColour (wxPGId id) const
wxValidator * GetPropertyValidator (wxPGId id)
wxValidator * GetPropertyValidator (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxVariant GetPropertyValue (wxPGId id)
wxVariant GetPropertyValue (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxArrayInt & 
GetPropertyValueAsArrayInt (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxArrayInt & GetPropertyValueAsArrayInt (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxArrayString & 
GetPropertyValueAsArrayString (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxArrayString & GetPropertyValueAsArrayString (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC bool GetPropertyValueAsBool (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
bool GetPropertyValueAsBool (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC wxDateTime GetPropertyValueAsDateTime (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxDateTime GetPropertyValueAsDateTime (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC double GetPropertyValueAsDouble (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
double GetPropertyValueAsDouble (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC int GetPropertyValueAsInt (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
int GetPropertyValueAsInt (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
long GetPropertyValueAsLong (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC long GetPropertyValueAsLong (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxLongLong & 
GetPropertyValueAsLongLong (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC const wxPoint & GetPropertyValueAsPoint (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxPoint & GetPropertyValueAsPoint (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC const wxSize & GetPropertyValueAsSize (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxSize & GetPropertyValueAsSize (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC wxString GetPropertyValueAsString (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxString GetPropertyValueAsString (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxULongLong & 
GetPropertyValueAsULongLong (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC void * GetPropertyValueAsVoidPtr (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC const wxObject * GetPropertyValueAsWxObjectPtr (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxObject * GetPropertyValueAsWxObjectPtr (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxVariant GetPropertyValues (const wxString &listname=wxEmptyString, wxPGId baseparent=wxNullProperty, long flags=0) const
wxPG_VALUETYPE_MSGVAL GetPropertyValueType (wxPGId id)
wxPG_VALUETYPE_MSGVAL GetPropertyValueType (wxPGPropNameStr name)
size_t GetPVTI (wxPGId id)
size_t GetPVTI (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxString GetPVTN (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxString GetPVTN (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetRoot () const
int GetSelectedPage () const
wxPGId GetSelectedProperty () const
int GetSelection () const
wxPropertyGridStateGetState () const
int GetTargetPage () const
wxToolBar * GetToolBar () const
bool HideProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool HideProperty (wxPGId id, bool hide=true)
void InitAllTypeHandlers ()
wxPGId Insert (wxPGId id, int index, wxPGProperty *property)
wxPGId Insert (wxPGPropNameStr name, int index, wxPGProperty *property)
virtual int InsertPage (int index, const wxString &label, const wxBitmap &bmp=wxNullBitmap, wxPropertyGridPage *pageObj=(wxPropertyGridPage *) NULL)
void InsertPropertyChoice (wxPGId id, const wxString &label, int index, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
void InsertPropertyChoice (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &label, int index, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
bool IsAnyModified () const
bool IsFrozen () const
bool IsModified (wxPGId id) const
bool IsModified (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPageModified (size_t index) const
bool IsPropertyCategory (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyCategory (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyEnabled (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyEnabled (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyExpanded (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyKindOf (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGPropertyClassInfo &info)
bool IsPropertyModified (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyModified (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyShown (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyShown (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyUnspecified (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyUnspecified (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxChar *typestr)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxClassInfo *classinfo)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGId id, const wxChar *typestr)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGId id, const wxPGValueType *valuetype)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGId id, const wxClassInfo *classinfo)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxPGValueType *valuetype)
void LimitPropertyEditing (wxPGId id, bool limit=true)
void LimitPropertyEditing (wxPGPropNameStr name, bool limit=true)
void OnCompactorClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnMouseClick (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnMouseEntry (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnMouseMove (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnMouseUp (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnPaint (wxPaintEvent &event)
void OnPropertyGridSelect (wxPropertyGridEvent &event)
void OnResize (wxSizeEvent &event)
void OnToolbarClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
virtual void Refresh (bool eraseBackground=true, const wxRect *rect=(const wxRect *) NULL)
virtual bool RemovePage (int page)
wxPGId ReplaceProperty (wxPGId id, wxPGProperty *property)
wxPGId ReplaceProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGProperty *property)
void ResetDefaultPriority ()
void SelectPage (int index)
void SelectPage (const wxString &label)
bool SelectProperty (wxPGId id, bool focus=false)
bool SelectProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name, bool focus=false)
void SetCaptionTextColour (wxPGId id, const wxColour &col)
void SetCaptionTextColour (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxColour &col)
void SetCurrentCategory (wxPGId id)
void SetCurrentCategory (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void SetDefaultPriority (int priority)
void SetDescBoxHeight (int ht, bool refresh=true)
void SetDescription (const wxString &label, const wxString &content)
virtual void SetExtraStyle (long exStyle)
virtual bool SetFont (const wxFont &font)
void SetId (wxWindowID winid)
void SetPropertyAttribute (wxPGId id, int attrid, wxVariant value, long argFlags=0)
void SetPropertyAttribute (wxPGPropNameStr name, int attrid, wxVariant value, long argFlags=0)
void SetPropertyAttributeAll (int attrid, wxVariant value)
void SetPropertyAttributes (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &attributes) const
void SetPropertyBackgroundColour (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxColour &col)
void SetPropertyBackgroundColour (wxPGId id, const wxColour &col)
void SetPropertyChoices (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGChoices &choices)
void SetPropertyChoicesExclusive (wxPGId id)
void SetPropertyChoicesExclusive (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void SetPropertyClientData (wxPGId id, wxPGProperty::ClientDataType clientData)
void SetPropertyClientData (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGProperty::ClientDataType clientData)
void SetPropertyColour (wxPGId id, const wxColour &col)
void SetPropertyColour (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxColour &col)
void SetPropertyColourToDefault (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void SetPropertyColourToDefault (wxPGId id)
void SetPropertyEditor (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxPGEditor *editor)
void SetPropertyEditor (wxPGId id, const wxString &editorName)
void SetPropertyEditor (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &editorName)
void SetPropertyEditor (wxPGId id, const wxPGEditor *editor)
void SetPropertyHelpString (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &helpString)
void SetPropertyHelpString (wxPGId id, const wxString &helpString)
void SetPropertyImage (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxBitmap &bmp)
void SetPropertyImage (wxPGId id, wxBitmap &bmp)
void SetPropertyLabel (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &newlabel)
void SetPropertyLabel (wxPGId id, const wxString &newlabel)
bool SetPropertyMaxLength (wxPGPropNameStr name, int maxLen)
bool SetPropertyMaxLength (wxPGId id, int maxLen)
bool SetPropertyPriority (wxPGPropNameStr name, int priority)
bool SetPropertyPriority (wxPGId id, int priority)
void SetPropertyReadOnly (wxPGPropNameStr name, bool readOnly=true)
void SetPropertyReadOnly (wxPGId id, bool readOnly=true)
void SetPropertyTextColour (wxPGId id, const wxColour &col)
void SetPropertyTextColour (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxColour &col)
void SetPropertyUnspecified (wxPGId id)
void SetPropertyUnspecified (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void SetPropertyValidator (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxValidator &validator)
void SetPropertyValidator (wxPGId id, const wxValidator &validator)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxVariant &value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGPropNameStr name, void *value)
const wxPoint &const
wxLongLong &wxObject value 
SetPropertyValue (id,&value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGId id, int value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGId id, void *value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxObject &value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGId id, const wxChar *value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGId id, wxVariant &value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxChar *value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGPropNameStr name, int value)
void SetPropertyValueArrstr2 (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxArrayString &value)
void SetPropertyValueArrstr2 (wxPGId id, const wxArrayString &value)
void SetPropertyValueBool (wxPGPropNameStr name, bool value)
void SetPropertyValueBool (wxPGId id, bool value)
void SetPropertyValueDouble (wxPGId id, double value)
void SetPropertyValueDouble (wxPGPropNameStr name, double value)
void SetPropertyValueLong (wxPGPropNameStr name, long value)
void SetPropertyValueLong (wxPGId id, long value)
void SetPropertyValues (const wxVariantList &list, const wxString &defaultCategory=wxEmptyString)
void SetPropertyValues (const wxVariantList &list, wxPGId defaultCategory)
void SetPropertyValues (const wxVariant &list, wxPGId defaultCategory)
void SetPropertyValues (const wxVariant &list, const wxString &defaultCategory=wxEmptyString)
void SetPropertyValueString (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &value)
void SetPropertyValueString (wxPGId id, const wxString &value)
void SetPropertyValueWxObjectPtr (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxObject *value)
void SetPropertyValueWxObjectPtr (wxPGId id, wxObject *value)
void SetSplitterLeft (bool subProps=false, bool allPages=true)
void SetSplitterPosition (int newx, bool refresh=true)
void SetStringSelection (const wxChar *name)
void SetTargetPage (int index)
void SetTargetPage (const wxChar *name)
virtual void SetWindowStyleFlag (long style)
void Sort ()
void Sort (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void Sort (wxPGId id)
virtual void Thaw ()
void TogglePropertyPriority (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void TogglePropertyPriority (wxPGId id)
const wxPoint &const wxLongLong & wxPG_IMPLEMENT_PGMAN_METHOD_NORET1_INBODY (SetPropertyValueULongLong, const wxULongLong &) inline void SetPropertyValue(wxPGId id
 wxPG_IMPLEMENT_PGMAN_METHOD_NORET1_INBODY (SetPropertyValueArrint2, const wxArrayInt &) wxPG_IMPLEMENT_PGMAN_METHOD_NORET1_INBODY(SetPropertyValuePoint
const wxPoint & wxPG_IMPLEMENT_PGMAN_METHOD_NORET1_INBODY (SetPropertyValueSize, const wxSize &) wxPG_IMPLEMENT_PGMAN_METHOD_NORET1_INBODY(SetPropertyValueLongLong
 wxsPropertyGridManager (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=-1, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxPGMAN_DEFAULT_STYLE, const wxChar *name=wxPropertyGridManagerNameStr)
virtual ~wxsPropertyGridManager ()

Static Public Member Functions

static wxPGPropertyCreatePropertyByClass (const wxString &classname, const wxString &label, const wxString &name)
static wxPGPropertyCreatePropertyByType (const wxString &valuetype, const wxString &label, const wxString &name)
static wxsPropertyGridManagerGet ()
 Getting singleton object.
static wxPGEditorGetEditorByName (const wxString &editorName)
static wxPGValueTypeGetValueType (const wxString &type)
static bool IsPropertyExpanded (wxPGId id)
static bool IsPropertyKindOf (wxPGId id, wxPGPropertyClassInfo &info)
static void RegisterAdditionalEditors ()
static void RegisterAdvancedPropertyClasses ()
static bool RegisterPropertyClass (const wxChar *name, wxPGPropertyClassInfo *classinfo)
static void SetBoolChoices (const wxChar *true_choice, const wxChar *false_choice)
static void SetPropertyAttributes (wxPGId id, const wxString &attributes)
static void SetPropertyChoices (wxPGId id, wxPGChoices &choices)

Protected Member Functions

virtual wxPropertyGridCreatePropertyGrid () const
virtual wxPGId DoGetPropertyByName (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
virtual bool DoSelectPage (int index)
void Init1 ()
void Init2 (int style)
virtual void OnContainerChanged (wxsPropertyContainer *NewContainer)
 Function notifying about change of main wxsPropertyContainer.
virtual bool ProcessEvent (wxEvent &event)
void RecalculatePositions (int width, int height)
void RecreateControls ()
void RefreshHelpBox (int new_splittery, int new_width, int new_height)
virtual void RefreshProperty (wxPGProperty *p)
void RepaintSplitter (wxDC &dc, int new_splittery, int new_width, int new_height, bool desc_too)
void SetDescribedProperty (wxPGProperty *p)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void DoSetPropertyAttribute (wxPGId id, int attrid, wxVariant &value, long argFlags)

Protected Attributes

wxArrayPtrVoid m_arrPages
wxWindowID m_baseId
wxCursor m_cursorSizeNS
int m_dragOffset
unsigned char m_dragStatus
wxString m_emptyString
int m_extraHeight
int m_height
long m_iFlags
int m_nextDescBoxSize
int m_nextTbInd
unsigned char m_onSplitter
wxButton * m_pButCompactor
wxStaticText * m_pTxtHelpCaption
wxStaticText * m_pTxtHelpContent
int m_selPage
int m_splitterHeight
int m_splitterY
int m_targetPage
int m_width

Private Member Functions

void DeleteTemporaryPropertiesList ()
 Deleting temporary list used while changing container.
void NewPropertyContainerAddProperty (wxsProperty *Property, wxsPropertyContainer *Container)
 Adding new property into temporary list of properties.
void NewPropertyContainerFinish (wxsPropertyContainer *Container)
 Finish enumeration of properties for new property container.
void NewPropertyContainerStart ()
 Starting enumeration of properties for new property container.
void OnChange (wxPropertyGridEvent &event)
 Handler for roporting change event.
long Register (wxsPropertyContainer *Container, wxsProperty *Property, wxPGId Id, long Index)
 Function used when adding new property to grid.
void RestoreSelected (const SelectionData *Data=0)
 Restoring selected property.
void SetNewMainContainer (wxsPropertyContainer *NewMain)
 Changing main property container.
void StoreSelected (SelectionData *Data=0)
 Storing currently selected property.
void UnbindAll ()
 Function clearing current content of property grid.
void UnbindPropertyContainer (wxsPropertyContainer *PC)
 Function unbinding given container.
void Update (wxsPropertyContainer *PC)
 Function updating content of property grid.
 WX_DECLARE_HASH_SET (wxsPropertyContainer *, wxPointerHash, wxPointerEqual, wxSetCont)
 WX_DEFINE_ARRAY (wxsProperty *, wxArrayProps)
 WX_DEFINE_ARRAY (wxsPropertyContainer *, wxArrayCont)

Private Attributes

SelectionData LastSelection
 Internal selection structure used to restore selected property.
 Main container.
wxArrayCont PGContainers
 Array of container objects associated with properties.
wxSetCont PGContainersSet
 Set of used containers, will be used to quickly determine if given container is used in manager.
wxArrayProps PGEnteries
 Array mapping enteries in grid to properties.
wxArrayPGId PGIDs
 Array of property identifiers.
wxArrayLong PGIndexes
 Array of internal property indexes used inside wxsProperty.
long PreviousIndex
 Previous index used when automatically calculating property indexes.
 Previous property used in Register()
 List used while generating sorted properties list.

Static Private Attributes

static wxsPropertyGridManagerSingleton = 0
 Singleton object.


class wxsProperty
class wxsPropertyContainer

Detailed Description

Custom property grid manager.

This class was added to handle OnChange event from property window because parent event handler rather won't be accessible. This object is singleton and always one and not more than one should be created at one time.

Definition at line 50 of file wxspropertygridmanager.h.

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