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wxsMenuBar Class Reference

Class representing menu bar in wxFrame resources. More...

#include <wxsmenubar.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool AddChild (wxsItem *Child, int Position=-1)
 Adding new child item.
void BuildCode (wxsCoderContext *Context)
 Request to build the code.
void BuildItemTree (wxsResourceTree *Tree, wxsResourceItemId Parent, int Position=-1)
 Function building tree in resource browser for this item.
wxObject * BuildPreview (wxWindow *Parent, long PreviewFlags)
 Function building preview for this item.
wxsQuickPropsPanelBuildQuickPropertiesPanel (wxWindow *Parent)
 Function building new quick properties panel.
bool CanAddChild (wxsItem *Item, bool ShowMessage)
 Function checking if given item can be added to this one.
bool CanAddToParent (wxsParent *Parent, bool ShowMessage)
 Checking if this item can be added to other parent.
bool CanAddToResource (wxsItemResData *Data, bool ShowMessage=false)
 Function checking if this tool can be added to this resource.
void ClearSelection ()
 Clearing selection in this and all child items.
bool EnsureChildPreviewVisible (wxsItem *Child)
 Ensuring that child item is visible in preview.
void EnumItemProperties (long Flags)
 Function enumerating properties of this item.
wxString GetAccessPrefix (wxsCodingLang Language)
 Getting access prefix for item.
virtual wxsBasePropertiesGetBaseProps ()
 Function returinng pointer to wxsBaseProperties class if item uses it.
wxsItemGetChild (int Index)
 Getting child at specified index.
int GetChildCount ()
 Getting number of children.
wxsPropertyContainerGetChildExtra (int Index)
 Function getting extra data for given child.
int GetChildIndex (wxsItem *Child)
 Getting child index.
virtual const wxString & GetClassName ()
 Getting class name.
wxString GetCreatePrefix (wxsCodingLang Language)
 Getting create prefix for item.
wxsEventsGetEvents ()
 Getting event managment object used by this item.
wxWindowID GetId ()
 Easy access to identifier value.
wxString GetIdName ()
 Getting identifier.
const wxsItemInfoGetInfo ()
 Getting item info.
bool GetIsExpanded ()
 Checking if node of this item in resource tree is expanded.
bool GetIsMember ()
 Checking if variable is member of class.
bool GetIsSelected ()
 Checking if item is selected inside editor.
wxObject * GetLastPreview ()
 Getting current preview object.
wxsResourceItemId GetLastTreeItemId ()
 Function getting lastest tree item id generated in tree.
wxsParentGetParent ()
 Getting parent item.
long GetPropertiesFlags ()
 Function returning flags of availability for this object.
wxsItemResDataGetResourceData ()
 Getting resource containing this item.
wxsItemType GetType ()
 Getting item type.
wxString GetUserClass ()
 Getting user class name.
wxString GetVarName ()
 Getting variable name.
bool IsChildPreviewVisible (wxsItem *Child)
 Function checking if given child is visible in editor.
bool IsGrandChild (wxsItem *Child, bool Safe=false)
 Function checking if give item is grandchild (chld or child of child or...) of this item.
bool IsPointer ()
 Function checking if this item is represented as pointer or as object.
bool IsRootItem ()
 Checking if this item is root item of resource.
bool MouseClick (wxWindow *Preview, int PosX, int PosY)
 Posting mouse click event from editor.
bool MouseDClick (wxWindow *Preview, int PosX, int PosY)
 Posting mouse double-click event from editor.
bool MouseRightClick (wxWindow *Preview, int PosX, int PosY)
 Posting mouse right-click event from editor.
int MoveChild (int OldIndex, int NewIndex)
 Moving item from one position to another.
void NotifyPropertyChange (bool CallPropertyChangeHandler=false)
 Function notifying about property change.
wxsPropertyStreamoperator<< (wxsPropertyStream &Stream)
 operator writing to property stream
wxsPropertyStreamoperator>> (wxsPropertyStream &Stream)
 Opearator reading from property stream.
bool PopupMenu (long Id)
 Requesting reaction to popup menu.
void PropStreamRead (wxsPropertyStream *Stream)
 Function reading all properties from property stream.
void PropStreamWrite (wxsPropertyStream *Stream)
 Function writing all properties to property stream.
void RestoreExtraData (int Index, TiXmlElement *Element)
 Function setting up child's extra data from xml node.
void SetIdName (const wxString &NewIdName)
 Setting identifier.
void SetIsExpanded (bool NewExpanded)
 Changing currently stored value indicating whether item is expanded in resource tree or not.
void SetIsMember (bool NewIsMember)
 Setting IsMember flag.
void SetIsSelected (bool NewSelected)
 Changking current selection state.
void SetUserClass (const wxString &Subclass)
 Setting user class.
void SetVarName (const wxString &NewName)
 Setting variabne name.
void ShowInPropertyGrid ()
 Changid Property Grid focus to this object.
void StoreExtraData (int Index, TiXmlElement *Element)
 Function storing extra info for child in xml node.
void UnbindChild (wxsItem *Child)
 Unbinding child item by pointer.
void UnbindChild (int Index)
 Unbinding child item by index (0-based number of child)
 wxsMenuBar (wxsItemResData *Data)
bool XmlRead (TiXmlElement *Element, bool IsXRC, bool IsExtra)
 Function which should load this item and child items from xrc / wxs structure.
void XmlRead (TiXmlElement *Element)
 Function reading all properties from Xml node.
void XmlWrite (TiXmlElement *Element)
 Function writing all proeprties to Xml node.
bool XmlWrite (TiXmlElement *Element, bool IsXRC, bool IsExtra)
 Function which should write this item and child items from xrc / wxs structure.

Static Public Attributes

static const long flTool = flVariable|flSubclass|flExtraCode
 Default properties flags used by tools.

Protected Member Functions

void AddBuildingCode (const wxString &Code)
 Adding Manually building code.
void AddDeclaration (const wxString &Declaration)
void AddEventCode (const wxString &Code)
 Adding event connecting code.
void AddHeader (const wxString &Header, const wxString &DeclaredClass, long HeaderFlags=0)
 Adding header file into current context.
void AddIdCode (const wxString &Enumeration, const wxString &Initialization)
 Adding id-generating code.
void AddXRCFetchingCode (const wxString &Code)
 Adding XRC fetching code.
void BuildSetupWindowCode ()
 Helper function that will add code setting-up most of base properties of this item.
void Codef (const wxChar *Fmt,...)
 Simplified version of Codef function.
wxString Codef (wxsCoderContext *Context, const wxChar *Fmt,...)
 Helpful printf-like function used when creating source code.
wxsCoderContextGetCoderContext ()
 Getting current coding context.
long GetCoderFlags ()
 Getting flags of current coding context.
wxsCodingLang GetLanguage ()
 Getting current language.
virtual void OnAddChildQPP (wxsItem *Child, wxsAdvQPP *QPP)
 Function adding panels for child to wxsAdvQPP class.
virtual void OnAddExtraProperties (wxsPropertyGridManager *Grid)
 Function for adding extra properties - used to add events,.
virtual void OnAddToolQPP (wxsAdvQPP *QPP)
 Function which adding new items to QPP.
virtual void OnBuildCreatingCode ()
 Building code manually creating resource, it may also be used to add header files.
virtual void OnBuildDeclarationsCode ()
 Default procedure generating declarations code.
virtual void OnBuildEventsConnectingCode ()
 Default procedure generating events connectiong code.
virtual wxsPropertyContainerOnBuildExtra ()
 Function building extra data block for item.
virtual void OnBuildHeadersCode ()
 Building headers arrays, it's not required since headers can be added in OnBuildCreatingCode()
virtual void OnBuildIdCode ()
 Default procedure generating identifiers code.
virtual void OnBuildXRCFetchingCode ()
 Default procedure generating XRC fetching code.
virtual bool OnCanAddChild (wxsItem *Item, bool ShowMessage)
 Function checking if given item can be added to this one.
virtual bool OnCanAddToParent (wxsParent *Parent, bool ShowMessage)
 Checking if this item can be added to given parent.
virtual bool OnCanAddToResource (wxsItemResData *Data, bool ShowMessage)
 Checking if this tool can be added to given resource.
virtual bool OnCodefExtension (wxsCodingLang Language, wxString &Result, const wxChar *&FmtChar, va_list ap)
 Extensions to Codef function.
virtual bool OnEnsureChildPreviewVisible (wxsItem *Child)
 Function ensuring that given child of this item is visible inside editor.
void OnEnumChildProperties (wxsItem *Child, long Flags)
 Function enumerating properties for given child.
virtual void OnEnumToolProperties (long Flags)
 Enumerating properties specific to given tool.
virtual void OnExtraPropertyChanged (wxsPropertyGridManager *Grid, wxPGId Id)
 Reading content of extra properties.
virtual long OnGetPropertiesFlags ()
 Getting properties availability flags.
virtual wxString OnGetTreeLabel (int &Image)
 Getting name of entry in resource browser.
virtual bool OnIsChildPreviewVisible (wxsItem *Child)
 Function checking if given child preview is visible in editor.
virtual bool OnIsPointer ()
 Function checking if this item is represented as pointer.
virtual bool OnMouseClick (wxWindow *Preview, int PosX, int PosY)
 Function processing mouse-click event.
virtual bool OnMouseDClick (wxWindow *Preview, int PosX, int PosY)
 Function processing double-click event.
virtual bool OnMouseRightClick (wxWindow *Preview, int PosX, int PosY)
 Function processing right-click event.
virtual bool OnPopup (long Id)
 Callback from popup menu.
virtual void OnPreparePopup (wxMenu *Menu)
 Function used to udpate content of popup menu.
virtual wxString OnXmlGetExtraObjectClass ()
 Returning name of additional object created for child items.
virtual bool OnXmlRead (TiXmlElement *Element, bool IsXRC, bool IsExtra)
 Rewritten xml reading function - it will add support for children loading.
virtual bool OnXmlReadChild (TiXmlElement *Elem, bool IsXRC, bool IsExtra)
 Function loading child from given xml node.
virtual bool OnXmlWrite (TiXmlElement *Element, bool IsXRC, bool IsExtra)
 Rewritten xml writing function - it will add support for children saving.
virtual bool OnXmlWriteChild (int Index, TiXmlElement *Elem, bool IsXRC, bool IsExtra)
 Function saving child to goven xml node.
wxPoint Pos (wxWindow *Parent)
 Easy access to position.
void Property (wxsProperty &Prop)
 Function registering property.
wxWindow * SetupWindow (wxWindow *Window, long Flags)
 Function setting up standard widget properties after the window is created.
void ShowPopup (wxMenu *Menu)
 Showing popup menu.
wxSize Size (wxWindow *Parent)
 Easy access to size.
long Style ()
 Easy access to style (can be used directly when generating preview)
void SubContainer (wxsPropertyContainer &Container)
 Function enumerating properties of other container from it's reference.
void SubContainer (wxsPropertyContainer *Container, long NewFlags)
 Function enumerating properties of other container overriding it's flags.
void SubContainer (wxsPropertyContainer &Container, long NewFlags)
 Function enumerating properties of other container overriding it's flags.
void SubContainer (wxsPropertyContainer *Container)
 Function enumerating properties of other container.

Static Protected Attributes

static const long flPropGrid = 0x40000000
 Flag set when operating on property grid.
static const long flPropStream = 0x10000000
 Flag set when operating on property stream.
static const long flXml = 0x20000000
 Flag set when operating on xml.

Detailed Description

Class representing menu bar in wxFrame resources.

Definition at line 29 of file wxsmenubar.h.

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