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wxPGId wxPropertyGrid::GetFirstVisible (  ) const [inline]

Returns id of first visible item, whether it is a category or property. Note that visible item means category, property, or sub-property which user can see when control is scrolled properly. It does not only mean items that are actually painted on the screen.

Definition at line 5204 of file propgrid.h.

References wxPG_PROP_HIDEABLE.

        wxPGProperty* p = NULL;
        if ( m_pState->m_properties->GetCount() )
            p = m_pState->m_properties->Item(0);
            if ( (m_iFlags & wxPG_FL_HIDE_STATE) && p->m_flags & wxPG_PROP_HIDEABLE )
                p = GetNeighbourItem ( p, true, 1 );
        return wxPGIdGen(p);

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