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wxWindow * wxPropertyGrid::GetEditorControl (  ) const

Returns pointer to current active primary editor control (NULL if none).

If editor uses clipper window, pointer is returned to the actual editor, not the clipper.

Definition at line 7814 of file propgrid.cpp.

Referenced by GetPropertyRect(), wxPGProperty::PrepareValueForDialogEditing(), and wxPropertyContainerMethods::SetPropertyMaxLength().

    wxWindow* ctrl = m_wndPrimary;

    if ( !ctrl )
        return ctrl;

    // If it's clipper window, return its child instead
    if ( ctrl->IsKindOf(CLASSINFO(wxPGClipperWindow)) )
        return ((wxPGClipperWindow*)ctrl)->GetControl();

    return ctrl;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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