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wxPropertyGridPage Class Reference

Holder of property grid page information. You can subclass this and give instance in wxPropertyGridManager::AddPage. It inherits from wxEvtHandler and can be used to process events specific to this page (id of events will still be same as manager's). If you don't want to use it to process all events of the page, you need to return false in the derived wxPropertyGridPage::IsHandlingAllEvents. More...

#include <manager.h>

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Public Member Functions

void AddPropertyChoice (wxPGId id, const wxString &label, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
void AddPropertyChoice (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &label, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
wxPGId Append (wxPGProperty *property)
wxPGId AppendIn (wxPGId id, wxPGProperty *property)
wxPGId AppendIn (wxPGPropertyWithChildren *pwc, const wxString &label, const wxString &propname, wxVariant &value)
wxPGId AppendIn (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGProperty *property)
wxPGId BaseGetPropertyByName (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
void BeginAddChildren (wxPGId id)
void BeginAddChildren (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void Clear ()
void ClearModifiedStatus (wxPGProperty *p)
bool ClearPropertyValue (wxPGProperty *p)
bool ClearSelection ()
bool Collapse (wxPGProperty *p)
void Delete (wxPGId id)
void Delete (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void DeletePropertyChoice (wxPGId id, int index)
void DeletePropertyChoice (wxPGPropNameStr name, int index)
virtual void DoDelete (wxPGProperty *item)
virtual wxPGId DoInsert (wxPGPropertyWithChildren *parent, int index, wxPGProperty *property)
bool DoSelectProperty (wxPGProperty *p, unsigned int flags=0)
bool EnableCategories (bool enable)
bool EnableProperty (wxPGProperty *p, bool enable)
void EndAddChildren (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void EndAddChildren (wxPGId id)
bool Expand (wxPGProperty *p)
bool ExpandAll (unsigned char do_expand)
wxPGId GetFirst () const
wxPGId GetFirstCategory () const
wxPGId GetFirstChild (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetFirstChild (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPGId GetFirstProperty () const
wxPropertyGridGetGrid () const
int GetLeftSplitterPos (wxClientDC &dc, wxPGPropertyWithChildren *pwc, bool subProps)
wxPGId GetNextCategory (wxPGId id) const
wxPGId GetNextProperty (wxPGId id) const
wxPGId GetNextSiblingProperty (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetNextSiblingProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPGId GetPrevProperty (wxPGId id) const
wxString GetPropertyAttributes (wxPGId id, unsigned int flagmask=0xFFFF) const
wxPGId GetPropertyByLabel (const wxString &name, wxPGPropertyWithChildren *parent=(wxPGPropertyWithChildren *) NULL) const
wxPGId GetPropertyByName (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPGId GetPropertyByName (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGPropNameStr subname) const
wxPGId GetPropertyByNameA (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPGChoicesGetPropertyChoices (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPGChoicesGetPropertyChoices (wxPGId id)
wxPG_CONST_WXCHAR_PTR GetPropertyClassName (wxPGId id) const
wxPG_CONST_WXCHAR_PTR GetPropertyClassName (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPGProperty::ClientDataType GetPropertyClientData (wxPGId id) const
wxPGProperty::ClientDataType GetPropertyClientData (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
const wxPGEditorGetPropertyEditor (wxPGId id) const
const wxPGEditorGetPropertyEditor (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxString GetPropertyHelpString (wxPGId id) const
wxString GetPropertyHelpString (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxBitmap * GetPropertyImage (wxPGId id) const
wxBitmap * GetPropertyImage (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
unsigned int GetPropertyIndex (wxPGId id)
unsigned int GetPropertyIndex (wxPGPropNameStr name)
const wxString & GetPropertyLabel (wxPGId id)
const wxString & GetPropertyLabel (wxPGPropNameStr name)
const wxString & GetPropertyName (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetPropertyParent (wxPGId id)
wxPGId GetPropertyParent (wxPGPropNameStr name)
int GetPropertyPriority (wxPGId id)
int GetPropertyPriority (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPGPropertyGetPropertyPtr (wxPGId id) const
wxPGPropertyGetPropertyPtr (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC wxString GetPropertyShortClassName (wxPGId id)
wxValidator * GetPropertyValidator (wxPGId id)
wxValidator * GetPropertyValidator (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxVariant GetPropertyValue (wxPGId id)
wxVariant GetPropertyValue (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxArrayInt & 
GetPropertyValueAsArrayInt (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxArrayInt & GetPropertyValueAsArrayInt (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxArrayString & 
GetPropertyValueAsArrayString (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxArrayString & GetPropertyValueAsArrayString (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC bool GetPropertyValueAsBool (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
bool GetPropertyValueAsBool (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC wxDateTime GetPropertyValueAsDateTime (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxDateTime GetPropertyValueAsDateTime (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC double GetPropertyValueAsDouble (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
double GetPropertyValueAsDouble (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
int GetPropertyValueAsInt (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC int GetPropertyValueAsInt (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC long GetPropertyValueAsLong (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
long GetPropertyValueAsLong (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxLongLong & 
GetPropertyValueAsLongLong (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC const wxPoint & GetPropertyValueAsPoint (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxPoint & GetPropertyValueAsPoint (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC const wxSize & GetPropertyValueAsSize (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxSize & GetPropertyValueAsSize (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC wxString GetPropertyValueAsString (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxString GetPropertyValueAsString (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxULongLong & 
GetPropertyValueAsULongLong (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC void * GetPropertyValueAsVoidPtr (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
wxPG_PYTHON_STATIC const wxObject * GetPropertyValueAsWxObjectPtr (wxPGId id) wxPG_GETVALUE_CONST
const wxObject * GetPropertyValueAsWxObjectPtr (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
wxVariant GetPropertyValues (const wxString &listname, wxPGId baseparent, long flags) const
wxPG_VALUETYPE_MSGVAL GetPropertyValueType (wxPGId id)
wxPG_VALUETYPE_MSGVAL GetPropertyValueType (wxPGPropNameStr name)
size_t GetPVTI (wxPGId id)
size_t GetPVTI (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxString GetPVTN (wxPGId id)
wxString GetPVTN (wxPGPropNameStr name)
wxPGPropertyGetSelection () const
wxPropertyGridStateGetState () const
wxPropertyGridStateGetStatePtr ()
int GetToolId () const
bool HideProperty (wxPGId id, bool hide=true)
bool HideProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name)
virtual void Init ()
void InitNonCatMode ()
wxPGId Insert (wxPGPropNameStr name, int index, wxPGProperty *property)
wxPGId Insert (wxPGId id, int index, wxPGProperty *property)
void InsertPropertyChoice (wxPGId id, const wxString &label, int index, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
void InsertPropertyChoice (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &label, int index, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
bool IsDisplayed () const
virtual bool IsHandlingAllEvents () const
bool IsInNonCatMode () const
bool IsModified (wxPGId id) const
bool IsModified (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyCategory (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyCategory (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyEnabled (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyEnabled (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyExpanded (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyKindOf (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGPropertyClassInfo &info)
bool IsPropertyModified (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyModified (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyShown (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyShown (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyUnspecified (wxPGPropNameStr name)
bool IsPropertyUnspecified (wxPGId id) const
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGId id, const wxClassInfo *classinfo)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGId id, const wxChar *typestr)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGId id, const wxPGValueType *valuetype)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxChar *typestr)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxPGValueType *valuetype)
bool IsPropertyValueType (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxClassInfo *classinfo)
void LimitPropertyEditing (wxPGProperty *p, bool limit=true)
wxPGId ReplaceProperty (wxPGId id, wxPGProperty *property)
wxPGId ReplaceProperty (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGProperty *property)
void SetPropertyAttribute (wxPGPropNameStr name, int attrid, wxVariant value, long argFlags=0)
void SetPropertyAttribute (wxPGId id, int attrid, wxVariant value, long argFlags=0)
void SetPropertyAttributes (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &attributes) const
void SetPropertyChoices (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGChoices &choices)
void SetPropertyChoicesExclusive (wxPGPropNameStr name)
void SetPropertyChoicesExclusive (wxPGId id)
void SetPropertyClientData (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxPGProperty::ClientDataType clientData)
void SetPropertyClientData (wxPGId id, wxPGProperty::ClientDataType clientData)
void SetPropertyEditor (wxPGId id, const wxPGEditor *editor)
void SetPropertyEditor (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxPGEditor *editor)
void SetPropertyEditor (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &editorName)
void SetPropertyEditor (wxPGId id, const wxString &editorName)
void SetPropertyHelpString (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxString &helpString)
void SetPropertyHelpString (wxPGId id, const wxString &helpString)
void SetPropertyImage (wxPGId id, wxBitmap &bmp)
void SetPropertyImage (wxPGPropNameStr name, wxBitmap &bmp)
void SetPropertyLabel (wxPGProperty *p, const wxString &newlabel)
bool SetPropertyMaxLength (wxPGPropNameStr name, int maxLen)
bool SetPropertyMaxLength (wxPGId id, int maxLen)
bool SetPropertyPriority (wxPGId id, int priority)
bool SetPropertyPriority (wxPGProperty *p, int priority)
bool SetPropertyPriority (wxPGPropNameStr name, int priority)
void SetPropertyReadOnly (wxPGPropNameStr name, bool readOnly=true)
void SetPropertyReadOnly (wxPGId id, bool readOnly=true)
void SetPropertyUnspecified (wxPGProperty *p)
void SetPropertyValidator (wxPGId id, const wxValidator &validator)
void SetPropertyValidator (wxPGPropNameStr name, const wxValidator &validator)
bool SetPropertyValue (wxPGProperty *p, wxVariant &value)
bool SetPropertyValue (wxPGProperty *p, const wxPGValueType *typeclass, const wxPGVariant &value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGProperty *p, void *value)
bool SetPropertyValue (wxPGProperty *p, const wxChar *typestring, const wxPGVariant &value)
void SetPropertyValue (wxPGProperty *p, int value)
void SetPropertyValueArrint2 (wxPGProperty *p, const wxArrayInt &value)
void SetPropertyValueArrstr2 (wxPGProperty *p, const wxArrayString &value)
void SetPropertyValueBool (wxPGProperty *p, bool value)
void SetPropertyValueDatetime (wxPGProperty *p, const wxDateTime &value)
void SetPropertyValueDouble (wxPGProperty *p, double value)
void SetPropertyValueLong (wxPGProperty *p, long value)
void SetPropertyValueLongLong (wxPGProperty *p, const wxLongLong &value)
void SetPropertyValuePoint (wxPGProperty *p, const wxPoint &value)
void SetPropertyValues (const wxVariantList &list, wxPGId default_category)
void SetPropertyValueSize (wxPGProperty *p, const wxSize &value)
bool SetPropertyValueString (wxPGProperty *p, const wxString &value)
void SetPropertyValueULongLong (wxPGProperty *p, const wxULongLong &value)
bool SetPropertyValueWxObjectPtr (wxPGProperty *p, wxObject *value)
void SetPropVal (wxPGProperty *p, const wxPGVariant &value)
void Sort (wxPGProperty *p)
void Sort ()
void TogglePropertyPriority (wxPGId id)
void TogglePropertyPriority (wxPGPropNameStr name)

Static Public Member Functions

static void ClearPropertyAndChildrenFlags (wxPGProperty *p, long flags)
static wxPGPropertyCreatePropertyByClass (const wxString &classname, const wxString &label, const wxString &name)
static wxPGPropertyCreatePropertyByType (const wxString &valuetype, const wxString &label, const wxString &name)
static wxPGEditorGetEditorByName (const wxString &editorName)
static wxPGId GetNextSiblingProperty (wxPGId id)
static wxPGId GetPrevSiblingProperty (wxPGId id)
static wxPGValueTypeGetValueType (const wxString &type)
static void InitAllTypeHandlers ()
static bool IsPropertyExpanded (wxPGId id)
static bool IsPropertyKindOf (wxPGId id, wxPGPropertyClassInfo &info)
static void RegisterAdditionalEditors ()
static void RegisterAdvancedPropertyClasses ()
static bool RegisterPropertyClass (const wxChar *name, wxPGPropertyClassInfo *classinfo)
static void SetBoolChoices (const wxChar *true_choice, const wxChar *false_choice)
static void SetPropertyAndChildrenFlags (wxPGProperty *p, long flags)
static void SetPropertyAttributes (wxPGId id, const wxString &attributes)
static void SetPropertyChoices (wxPGId id, wxPGChoices &choices)

Protected Member Functions

virtual wxPGId DoGetPropertyByName (wxPGPropNameStr name) const
virtual void RefreshProperty (wxPGProperty *p)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void DoSetPropertyAttribute (wxPGId id, int attrid, wxVariant &value, long argFlags)

Protected Attributes

wxString m_emptyString
int m_id
wxString m_label

Private Attributes

bool m_isDefault


class wxPropertyGridManager

Detailed Description

Holder of property grid page information. You can subclass this and give instance in wxPropertyGridManager::AddPage. It inherits from wxEvtHandler and can be used to process events specific to this page (id of events will still be same as manager's). If you don't want to use it to process all events of the page, you need to return false in the derived wxPropertyGridPage::IsHandlingAllEvents.

Please note that wxPropertyGridPage lacks many non-const property manipulation functions found in wxPropertyGridManager. Please use parent manager (m_manager member variable) when needed.

Derived from


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Event handling

wxPropertyGridPage receives events emitted by its wxPropertyGridManager, but only those events that are specific to that page. If wxPropertyGridPage::IsHandlingAllEvents returns false, then unhandled events are sent to the manager's parent, as usual.

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