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int wxPropertyGridManager::AddPage ( const wxString &  label = wxEmptyString,
const wxBitmap &  bmp = wxPG_NULL_BITMAP,
wxPropertyGridPage pageObj = (wxPropertyGridPage*) NULL 
) [inline, inherited]

Creates new property page. Note that the first page is not created automatically.

labelA label for the page. This may be shown as a toolbar tooltip etc.
bmpBitmap image for toolbar. If wxNullBitmap is used, then a built-in default image is used.
pageObjwxPropertyGridPage instance. Manager will take ownership of this object. NULL indicates that a default page instance should be created.
Return values:
Returnsindex to the page created.
If toolbar is used, it is highly recommended that the pages are added when the toolbar is not turned off using window style flag switching.

Definition at line 299 of file manager.h.

Referenced by wxSmith::BuildBrowsers().

        return InsertPage(-1,label,bmp,pageObj);

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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