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bool wxPropertyContainerMethods::RegisterPropertyClass ( const wxChar *  name,
wxPGPropertyClassInfo classinfo 
) [static, inherited]

Registers property class info with specific name. Preferably use wxPGRegisterPropertyClass(PROPERTYNAME) macro.

Definition at line 11521 of file propgrid.cpp.



    // Standard classes must be registered first!
    if ( !gs_registering_standard_props &&

    wxPGHashMapS2P::iterator it;

    it = wxPGGlobalVars->m_dictPropertyClassInfo.find(name);

    // only register if not registered already
    if ( it == wxPGGlobalVars->m_dictPropertyClassInfo.end() )
        wxPGGlobalVars->m_dictPropertyClassInfo[name] = classinfo;
        return true;

    wxLogDebug(wxT("WARNING: Property class named \"%s\" was already registered."),name);

    return false;

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