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wxPGId wxPropertyContainerMethods::GetPropertyByName ( wxPGPropNameStr  name ) const [inherited]

Returns id of property with given name (case-sensitive). If there is no property with such name, returned property id is invalid ( i.e. it will return false with IsOk method).

  • Sub-properties (i.e. properties which have parent that is not category or root) can not be accessed globally by their name. Instead, use "<property>.<subproperty>" in place of "<subproperty>".

Definition at line 11286 of file propgrid.cpp.

    wxPGId id = DoGetPropertyByName(name);
    if ( wxPGIdIsOk(id) )
        return id;

    // Check if its "Property.SubProperty" format
    int pos = name.Find(wxT('.'));
    if ( pos <= 0 )
        return id;

    return GetPropertyByName(name.substr(0,pos),

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