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wxString wxPropertyContainerMethods::GetPropertyAttributes ( wxPGId  id,
unsigned int  flagmask = 0xFFFF 
) const [inline, inherited]

Returns comma-delimited string with property's attributes (both pseudo-attributes such as "Disabled" and "Modified" and real attributes such as "BoolUseCheckbox" - actual names may vary).

flagmaskCombination of property flags that should be included (in addition to any other attributes). For example, to avoid adding Modified attribute use ~(wxPG_PROP_MODIFIED).
Atleast in 1.2.x and earlier this does not return complete list of attributes (for example, no floating point precision) and some attributes have generic names (such as "Special1" instead of "UseCheckbox" etc)

Definition at line 3439 of file propgrid.h.

        return p->GetAttributes(flagmask);

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