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void wxPdfDocument::Circle ( double  x0,
double  y0,
double  r,
double  astart = 0,
double  afinish = 360,
int  style = wxPDF_STYLE_DRAW,
int  nSeg = 8 
) [virtual]

Draws a circle.

x0,:Abscissa of Center point
y0,:Ordinate of Center point
astart,:Start angle
afinish,:Finish angle
style,:Style of rectangle (draw and/or fill)
nSeg,:Circle is made up of nSeg Bezier curves

Definition at line 1121 of file pdfgraphics.cpp.

References Ellipse().

Referenced by RegularPolygon(), and StarPolygon().

  Ellipse(x0, y0, r, 0, 0, astart, afinish, style, nSeg);

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