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void wxPdfDocument::AddSpotColor ( const wxString &  name,
double  cyan,
double  magenta,
double  yellow,
double  black 
) [virtual]

Add spot color.

Add a spot color which can be referenced in color setting methods

namethe name of the spot color (case sensitive)
cyanindicates the cyan level. Value between 0 and 100
magentaindicates the magenta level. Value between 0 and 100
yellowindicates the yellow level. Value between 0 and 100
blackindicates the black level. Value between 0 and 100
See also:
SetDrawColor(), SetFillColor(), SetTextColor(), Line(), Rect(), Cell(), MultiCell()

Definition at line 245 of file pdfcolor.cpp.

  wxPdfSpotColourMap::iterator spotColor = (*m_spotColors).find(name);
  if (spotColor == (*m_spotColors).end())
    int i = (*m_spotColors).size() + 1;
    (*m_spotColors)[name] = new wxPdfSpotColour(i, cyan, magenta, yellow, black);

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