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int wxPdfDocument::AddLink (  ) [virtual]

Creates a new internal link and returns its identifier.

An internal link is a clickable area which directs to another place within the document. The identifier can then be passed to Cell(), Write(), Image() or Link(). The destination is defined with SetLink().

See also:
Cell(), Write(), Image(), Link(), SetLink()

Definition at line 112 of file pdfannotation.cpp.

References m_inTemplate, and m_templateId.

Referenced by WriteXmlCell().

  if (m_inTemplate)
    wxLogError(_("wxPdfDocument::Link: Adding links in templates is impossible. Current template ID is %d."), m_templateId);
    return -1;

  // Create a new internal link
  int n = (*m_links).size()+1;
  (*m_links)[n] = new wxPdfLink(n);
  return n;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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