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void wxPdfDocument::SetFormColors ( const wxPdfColour borderColor = wxPdfColour(),
const wxPdfColour backgroundColor = wxPdfColour(250),
const wxPdfColour textColor = wxPdfColour() 

Sets colors for form fields.

Sets the border, background and text color to be used for all subsequent form field additions until this method is called again with different values.

borderColorcolor of the form field's border
backgroundColorcolor of the form field's background
textColorcolor of the form field's font

Definition at line 580 of file pdfform.cpp.

References wxPdfColour::GetColor(), m_formBackgroundColor, m_formBorderColor, and m_formTextColor.

  m_formBorderColor     = borderColor.GetColor(false).BeforeLast(wxT(' '));
  m_formBackgroundColor = backgroundColor.GetColor(false).BeforeLast(wxT(' '));
  m_formTextColor       = textColor.GetColor(false);

Here is the call graph for this function:

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