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void wxPdfDocument::Annotate ( double  x,
double  y,
const wxString &  text 
) [virtual]

Adds a text annotation.

xabscissa of the annotation symbol
yordinate of the annotation symbol
textannotation text

Definition at line 196 of file pdfannotation.cpp.

References m_h, m_k, and m_page.

  wxArrayPtrVoid* annotationArray = NULL;
  wxPdfAnnotation* annotation = new wxPdfAnnotation(x*m_k, (m_h-y)*m_k, text);
  wxPdfAnnotationsMap::iterator pageAnnots = (*m_annotations).find(m_page);
  if (pageAnnots != (*m_annotations).end())
    annotationArray = pageAnnots->second;
    annotationArray = new wxArrayPtrVoid;
    (*m_annotations)[m_page] = annotationArray;

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