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void wxPdfDocument::SetLeftMargin ( double  margin ) [virtual]

Defines the left margin.

The method can be called before creating the first page. If the current abscissa gets out of page, it is brought back to the margin.

marginThe margin.
See also:
SetTopMargin(), SetRightMargin(), SetAutoPageBreak(), SetMargins()

Definition at line 1834 of file pdfdoc.cpp.

References m_lMargin, m_page, and m_x.

Referenced by PrepareXmlCell(), wxPdfTable::WriteRow(), WriteXmlCell(), and WriteXmlTable().

  // Set left margin
  m_lMargin = margin;
  if (m_page > 0 && m_x < margin)
    m_x = margin;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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