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void wxPdfDocument::SetAutoPageBreak ( bool  autoPageBreak,
double  margin = 0 
) [virtual]

Enables or disables the automatic page breaking mode.

When enabling, the second parameter is the distance from the bottom of the page that defines the triggering limit. By default, the mode is on and the margin is 2 cm.

autoPageBreakBoolean indicating if mode should be on or off.
marginDistance from the bottom of the page.
See also:
Cell(), MultiCell(), AcceptPageBreak()

Definition at line 1902 of file pdfdoc.cpp.

References m_autoPageBreak, m_bMargin, m_h, and m_pageBreakTrigger.

Referenced by BeginTemplate(), EndTemplate(), and wxPdfDocument().

  // Set auto page break mode and triggering margin
  m_autoPageBreak = autoPageBreak;
  m_bMargin = margin;
  m_pageBreakTrigger = m_h - margin;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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